Have you given a cheating partner another chance? Finding out that your trusted partner has strayed from your relationship can be a devastating blow for anyone. The feeling of betrayal and the loss of trust is one of the hardest obstacles to overcome in a relationship — and it can take a long time before those wounds begin to heal.

If your partner apologized, groveled, or begged for your forgiveness, it can be overwhelming to walk away from a relationship that you’ve invested so much time into. You may have spent years with your partner. You share everything — a home, a bank account, assets, friends, even children. Just walking away from something that took years to build can feel like an insurmountable burden for many people, no matter how badly you’ve been betrayed. For many people, a second chance is an opportunity to overcome heartbreak and give a relationship another try.

If you’ve forgiven someone for cheating on you, you probably haven’t forgotten. For many people that forgive cheating spouses, there is a lingering concern that their partner hasn’t changed — and they might cheat again.

What are the signs that a former cheater hasn’t really changed? Here are the big red flags to look out for.

1. They disappear for hours at a time
Perhaps they tell you that they suddenly have to go on a big business trip, and then they don’t contact you at all while they’re away. They “work late” and ignore your texts or phone calls for hours at a time. Or perhaps there’s a new gym routine or friendship group that they suddenly want to spend all their time with. If someone disappears for hours (or worse, days) at a time with little or no explanation, it’s a big red flag of cheating — especially if they’ve cheated before.

2. They’re cagey with their cell phone
If someone is cheating on you, the evidence is likely to be on their cell phone. A secret lover is probably texting or calling them to organize meet-up times and check-in on each other. They might have even shared photos with them. A cheater will keep their phone close to them at all times because they’re afraid that you might discover the evidence of a new affair on their phone. Did you know that you can use a Reverse Phone Lookup with Instant Checkmate to find out the real identity of a mystery caller? A clever cheater might even disguise their lover’s name as something ordinary like ‘Pizza Delivery’ but with a Reverse Phone Lookup you may discover a real name and even a photograph.

3. They don’t seem sorry
If someone is really sorry for their actions, their behavior will change. They’ll become kinder and more patient with you — even when your jealousy flares up. A cheater will turn things around and continue to belittle you or make fun of your pain. If you ask questions about a new person of interest in their lives, or question why they get home so late — and they respond defensively or with anger, then it’s likely that they haven’t changed at all.

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