I quit. Two dirty, unappealing, and cringe-worthy words we think only failures would say. I’ve quit many times and I consider myself a graceful, brilliant, and inspired creator who believes quitting can be good for us.

I’ve quit habits.
I’ve quit beliefs.
I’ve quit jobs.
I’ve quit relationships.
I’ve even quit dreams.

It’s freeing to let go of the old dreams that no longer fit with the future vision of yourself to follow your dreams that matter now. Quitting doesn’t mean quitting forever. I quit some areas indefinitely but for others, I put on pause for now because I wasn’t ready to spend the time and effort needed to fully commit. Commitment is the key to staying motivated and taking continuous action toward our desires. When you’ve grown weary of holding onto aspects of your life that aren’t working, you’ve likely held onto them for too long.

Quitting involves three simple steps:

1. Prepare to let go.
2. Then, let go.
3. Trust you’ll be okay because you will be okay.

You need to release the weight that no longer serves you because once you do, you can be of service to our true intentions. You’re likely spending time in areas hindering our growth. Or perhaps you have doubts if you are enough. Your pride and stubbornness have gotten in the way of assessing your life and letting go of the pieces that no longer help you.

Prepare to let go. Quitting may be the unlikely motivation you need to move forward in your desires.

You deserve to have feelings of satisfaction, ease, and joy in your life. Lucky for you, you have a guidance system to help you understand if you’re on the right path. It’s called your emotions. When you feel good, you’re on the right path. When you don’t feel so good, you’re not. You are constantly receiving signals if you need to make adjustments.

When you’re stuck spending time on what’s not working for you, you constantly feel anxious, stressed, and worried. You know you want to experience better feelings and thoughts but you may not be ready to quit the root causes of these negative emotions. You need to prepare to be ready which may involve taking some level of risks head-on. Once you’ve done the preparation, you need to let go as scary as that may seem and trust you’ll be okay.

Letting Go. You spend years perfecting what you’re good at but how much of your time is perfecting what you’re happy at?

More than half of U.S. workers are unhappy at their jobs. Let’s take the time to consider which half you may fall into. For most of us, climbing the corporate ladder into a well-respected and paying position is an admirable goal. It’s an admirable goal but it may not be the best goal for what you truly are seeking.

For years, I was happily climbing the corporate ladder until I realized my previous position was not a good fit for what I needed or valued. Although the position provided financial stability and security, it didn’t provide me with a deep sense of meaning. I was good at what I did but my work didn’t resonate as strongly as it once had.

The role no longer aligned with my values of what I considered important. I valued building relationships, having autonomy, and infusing creativity in my work. I realized my moments of joy peaked when I spent time in the state of flow on creative outlets such as writing. I had ignored my dreams for so long, but they have been powerful enough to break through and remind me they deserve attention too.

I needed to prepare myself to be ready for a big change and that included financial, emotional, and mental preparation. Once I did the hard work, I anxiously quit to make space for what was truly important to me. I felt scared but excited that’s when I knew that it was the right decision. I evaluated what was bringing me down and intentionally let it go. Immediately, I felt the weight lift off my shoulders and trusted everything will be okay.

Trust You’ll be Okay because You Will Be. Quitting is a natural way to sift and sort out what’s working and what’s not working.

Quitting is a way to motivate ourselves in a new direction. You are fortunate for all the opportunities in front of you. And to be able to freely choose where you spend your energy. A decision to quit is best after some deep reflection and preparation. Sometimes though, life forces you to look yourself in the mirror when all you want to do is to turn away. You need to finally open your eyes to see what you need the most. When you finally decide to say the words ‘I quit’, you can say it with grace, pride, and confidence knowing it’s the motivation you need to finally live the life you deserve. Trust you’ll be okay because you will be.

Author's Bio: 

Kim Nguyen is the author of In and Out of Love, a book of love poems for anyone embarking on love’s journey searching to renew their tired hearts. The book is for those looking to heal their soul and open their hearts to love once again. She is committed and inspired to help you live a brighter life including powerful reminders that you are enough. Connect with her at kimntnguyen.com