Having too many negative thoughts can be harmful to not only your mood, but also your mental welfare. If you let things continue on a downward slide for too long it can also start to have a negative effect on your general health. Do not despair, because there are some simple things that you can do to leave negative thoughts behind.

We have all been in the room when people have been arguing, or sharing their negative thoughts such as anxiety and depression. This experience will show you exactly what a negative thought is. Positive emotions can spread a good vibe through a room of people, but negative thoughts can be harmful to others as well. Take these simple steps to avoid having negative emotions and you can ensure a good state of mental health.

Remember To Breathe

Science shows that when you are in a worrying or stressful situation, breathing properly can help a great deal. It can revitalize your mind and allow your system to flow naturally. Take your hands and place them over your heart as you breathe, so that you can feel each breath properly. Feel how your heart responds to your breathing, and you will see that it can actually ease your worry. Even if you are not feeling overly stressed, taking a moment to breathe can increase your awareness and give you a sense of clarity.


When you get up in the morning and go to look in the mirror, smile at yourself. Do not just look at yourself and think negative things, but look at how great you are. Give yourself a big grin and just remember that you are special, and you can achieve in your life. It can also help to make a funny face in order to help you laugh. Laughter is important and having a good chuckle first thing in the morning will help to brighten your spirits. Smiling at other people can help to share a happy mood and make a good impression on those around you. Never underestimate the power of a nice smile.

Accept Your Feelings

Everyone in the world has happy and sad thoughts, so you are not alone. If you simply choose to ignore your unhappy thoughts you are not doing yourself a favour. You might think that you can tough it out and force yourself to be happy, but it will not work. Remember to acknowledge how you are feeling and accept that everyone feels sad from time to time.

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Lisa Phillips is an experienced Life Coach and author based in Sydney, Australia. She has run her own coaching practice for over 9 years and is a regular contributer to many magazines. Lisa is also an NLP Practitioner.

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