Every day we get up and run the daily hampster wheel of chaos and craziness wondering when we will ever get ahead. We are in a daze and without a plan. Well the first step to taking control of your life and moving forward with your finances is the most important one. As they say, things are always easier once you get the ball rolling! Here are 3 simple steps that can be done on a Saturday to get a head a little.

Your Cable & Internet Bill
I just recently had an epiphany that I was paying to much on my personal cable and internet and decided to call my provider. I called the 800 number and had zero luck. They tried to convince me that I was getting the best deal available at $196/month. I then went into the store and they confirmed the same thing. I asked them why new customers can lock in a 2 year rate that is much lower and they said it really wasn't less than I was paying. At that time I said, ok then cancel my cable and downgrade me to internet only at only $70/month. I went ahead and added Youtube TV for the Cable part at only $50/month. This saved me $76/month. The funny thing is, not even a month later they wanted me to bundle and save on my cable and internet and the next month I added the TV back on and brought things down even further to only $111/month. The moral of the story. Don't take no for an answer. Shop around and You WILL get a better rate.

Cell Phone Service
I was with the same carrier for over 20 years and actually was only paying $96/month for 2 phones. I thought that was a decent deal, but found out that I could get the same coverage through another provider that uses the same towers (Verizon) and was able to get that bill down to $30/month. That's a HUGE savings!

Car Insurance
Another huge bill that people pay monthly is your car insurance. Especially if your in one of the expensive States like Michigan. People in Michigan pay the most for their car insurance Grand Rapids MI than any other state. Shop around and you can find some huge savings on this as well!

Hopefully this gets your mind thinking that it's time to take charge of your bills. Look at these 3 specific bills to start with and then keep on going. Once you get that ball rolling, don't let it stop! Keep saving until you can't find any bills that can possibly be lowered. Call your cable provider today, drop into your mobile service provider's store and get shopping online for car insurance. It's easy to do!

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Misty Jhones