The whole world is in total lockdown. The coronavirus outbreak has compelled people to stay at home for the purpose of self-isolation, quarantining and social distancing.

While observing these safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, it’s necessary that we stay in shape not just because we want to maintain good health during the lockdown but to also help us prepare for the post-lockdown period when we have to go back to our normal lives.

The following are simple tips you can implement to stay fit and healthy while you avoid the virus.

Exercise regularly

If lack of time used to be your biggest excuse for not exercising regularly, now is the time to turn that around. Why? Because everywhere is on lockdown and you have no choice but to stay at home. Which places more time in your hands to actually do more exercises. In the event that you work from home and you still have a tight schedule, the fact that you can cut down on commute time to and from work is a huge boost. So take advantage of those periods and slot in more time for exercise.

To help you achieve consistency, it’s important you have a workout plan that you can stick to throughout this period. Your main focus should be to avoid weight gain and stay fit for the entire period and beyond. Also, you must ensure that you take a dose of sunlight especially early in the morning. You could go for a walk (alone) or perform your daily exercise in the open.

Have your medications handy

If you have a health condition that requires taking certain medications or supplements, it’s important you have those handy. Make sure you have enough supplies so you don’t risk sliding into emergency situations. Although essential service providers like food stores and pharmacies are mostly unaffected by the shutdown, you don’t want to be moving around in search of medications and risk contracting the virus in the process.

Let’s assume you don’t have enough medications to last through the lockdown and you don’t want to go out; there’s still a way out. You can always order the drugs online and they’ll be delivered to your address. Zanesville Medical Center provides reviews for general health and fitness supplements and can help you decide on what to buy without leaving the confines of your home.

Eat healthily

There’s no doubt that the ‘stay at home’ order is very challenging. As people probably have fewer activities to do, they tend to eat more. When there’s more than enough food to eat and you have no reason to go out, the temptation to make frequent visits to the fridge and snack on something suddenly increases.

It’s normal to feel that way. But you have to also think of the consequences of unhealthy eating. Overeating could lead to unhealthy weight gain and obesity which are causative agents for diabetes, heart disease, and other serious health conditions. So, as much as possible, you should avoid taking more than what is necessary. Eat balanced diets, stay hydrated, avoid late-night eating, cut down on excessive sugar, diet soda, and fatty foods.


The world will never remain the same even after the virus is finally wiped out. By the time we all go back to our normal lives, there would have been a rise in various health conditions owing to the loose health habits during this period. Observing the above health tips will help you stay in shape during this period and even beyond.

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