The ideal of having so-called "perfect skin" is something every woman aspires to. With every magazine cover featuring a woman with skin more beautiful than the next, its no wonder we all want it. Smooth, clean and flawless skin is not only the signs of beauty but also one of health and well being.

What most people do not know is that images in magazines get air brushed which takes away all the moles, freckles, pimples and other imperfections that we all have to some extent. From this point of view we all aspire to something that does not really exist.

Nevertheless, having beautiful skin is synonymous with beauty. Some people are born with great skin and they go through their entire life without even getting acne or freckles. Unfortunately the rest of us have to deal with a lot of skin issues that are far from desirable. The good news is that you can do something about all of them. Here are the 3 most common ones.

1. Acne

Although most people get affected by acne at some point during puberty it rarely lasts into adulthood. The problem is that severe acne can cause scarring - both physically and emotionally. Getting it treated early is the key and today there are quite a few extremely effective treatments. You can try something like ProActive or speak to your doctor. This is no longer something that should get you under.

2. Skin Tags

Skin tags affect as much as 75% of adults and although its not a dangerous skin condition it does look ugly and can make anyone feel very self conscious about it. Skin tags often break out in areas of your body and when grouped together on your neck it can look very ugly. Fortunately there are quite a few effective methods to remove skin tags - and it does not involve surgery.

3. Moles

Moles is something you need to very careful with. Melanomas cause skin cancer and is a very serious issue. If you are exposed to the sun often, then it gives you even more reason to get rid of your moles. With modern surgery you can reduce scarring to a minimum and getting rid of your moles can be worth more than just a cosmetic improvement.

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