Manifesting is a way of empowering us. It enables us to take charge of our lives instead of just leaving it to chance and fate. It also gives us the power to transform our thoughts into something that is real. Manifesting is Magical.

I was not always able to manifest amazing things in my life, but it all changed when I started studying and applying the law of attraction. When I started using the 3 steps below, my life greatly improved. I even had to redo my 5 year plan because I was manifesting things from year 3, 4 and 5 into my 1st year. Manifesting is that powerful when done correctly.

Here are the 3 step process that I use to manifest anything that I want in my life:

1- Ask: Before you can manifest anything you need to be clear on what you want and then ask the Universe for it. If you are not clear, the Universe will not give you what you want. The perfect example is Love, if one day you decide that you want to attract your soul mate and then the next day you do not and you change your mind every day, The Universe will basically scream at you telling you to make up your mind and once you have made a clear decision, he will send him or her on his way to you in perfect divine timing. You need to be very clear on what you want and then ask for it!
2- Believe: You need to have faith and believe that you will attract what you want into your life. You need to believe in your core that what you want is on his way to you and that you will attract it into your life. Everything happens in true divine timing. You need to visualize yourself already having it into your life. Feel how great it is and imprint this feeling into your heart. As you shift your energy, you will start believing that it is on his way to you. Next thing you know, it will be there.
3- Receive: When it finally arrives, you need to be open to receive it. If you do step 1 and 2 and do not receive it when it arrives into your life, guess what you will not get it. A lot of people miss this step and then wonder why they did not manifest what they wanted. When it arrives to you, it can in form of opportunities, person or the thing itself. Be open to receive and let it into your life when it arrives.

Once you manifested what you wanted to attract, be grateful for it and you will attract more great things into your life. I actually count by blessings every single day and it is one of the reasons of my success in manifesting what I truly want into my life.

Remember you can manifest anything that you truly want.

You are that POWERFUL!

Happy Manifesting!

Author's Bio: 

Patricia LeBlanc is a 6 Time International Best Selling Author, Manifesting Coach/Teacher and Master Energy Healer. She is the compiler of the upcoming book Manifesting a New Life: Money, Love, Health and everything in between. Using a holistic and intuitive approach, Patricia teaches her clients how to manifest what they truly want in their lives while letting go of their fears. She also helps her clients to release the energetic blockages that are holding them back in their physical, emotional, spiritual or karmic level so that they can live a happy and abundant life. She is trained in several modalities such as Law of Attraction, Law of Attraction Wealth, Life Coaching, Life Optimization Coaching, Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, Theta Healing and EFT.

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