Step 1; Set a wedding budget before any money is spent.

The majority of this so called “wedding stress” originates from running out of money. It does not really make a difference who you are or what you do, you want your big day to be flawless. Well perfect is often expensive. You'll have to do the job using the funds you have. Set your actual financial budget and stay within this allowed budget. The small things will certainly begin adding up. Any time that happens, the migraines begin coming.

Here are some recommendations. From tipping waiters to taxation on your flowers, few things are free. Everything costs hard earned cash. Be sure you reserve money for the largest and most important things very first. Plan to dedicate around half of the spending budget on the reception.

Step 2; Create a wedding plan on paper before all else.

Almost all future brides encounter the very same mistake. They have a tendency to shell out dollars as the ideas come. I must say to every one of you brides that you have fantastic ideas. Bear in mind that if you begin putting ideas together right and left, you're going to be spending more than necessary.

Pay attention to my best suggestions and you'll want to thank me in the future. Plan firstly. Just put on paper all of the fantastic ideas. Never purchase centerpieces or dresses or anything else til you have a blue print of the entire wedding picture. Plan firstly, spend money second, it is that simple.

Step 3; Allow at least a couple of months to prepare your big day

Not just months to think about your plans but a few months of making things take place. Pretty much every bride waits until the very last month to start switching to hurry up mode. We sometimes think we've been making progress when we then realize we actually are not. Watch out for this .

Up and coming brides are always stressed out for the entire month prior to the wedding and reception. We all tend to assume we've got the whole thing in check for the prior few months. We believe there is plenty of time so we aren't in a big hurry to make preparations.

The following is my personal suggestion. Work on your wedding day every single day till the plans are done. Do not delay until you have 2 weeks remaining to wrap things up. It takes a few months to prepare for a wedding event.

Utilize all of these principles and I promise you will enjoy a positive wedding experience. Best of luck as you begin your new life.

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Ronnie and his wife Katie are full time wedding experts from Salt Lake City, Utah. Together they work to help brides know the Do's and Don'ts of planning a wedding. Ronnie has been writing for three years in hopes to help future brides around the world.