Is it time to revamp your exercise program from summer to fall? Summer is such a great time to start a workout program with the great weather and green grass. Now we are heading into the fall here in Ohio and many parts of the U.S. So how can we keep up with our fitness program throughout the fall into winter?

#1 Weather an Advantage

The outdoors is still one of the best places to keep up with your exercise program. On these brisk mornings you can still go on a morning walk or run in the neighborhood. The fall is a great time take advantage of your local park. Most parks have excellent trails you can run or walk on. In addition the dirt trails are not as hard on your knees as pavement.

The park can be an excellent way to build up your running endurance. What I really like about my local parks is they are marked off with the distance of each trail. If I want to run 2 miles I can pick a trail, which is 2 miles.

#2 Don't Wait to Start

Summer can slip by with vacations and visits from relatives before you set up a workout plan. Now it is September and you never quite got around to doing that new exercise program. The Fall is a great time to start a fall exercise program. Fall seems to slip by and before we know it November and December are here and you know what that means: Parties, food and more parties and food.

Fall is an optimal time to begin a new exercise program since you are past summertime festivities and before we launch into the Thanksgiving/Christmas season.

Here are some great exercise programs to choose from: TurboFire, 10 Minute Workout and P90X. All are great exercise programs to help you get in shape. The problem most people have is they procrastinate. Procrastination is one of the main reasons we do not reach our fitness goals or even career goals. We think we can just start on our goal anytime we want. However, you never laid the groundwork to create the habit in the first place.

Do not let September go by without starting a fitness plan. The longer you wait the harder it will be to begin later the in the year.

#3 Get a Workout Buddy

Grab a friend, neighbor or co-worker and become workout buddies. This is one of the best ways to stay on track. Both of you can keep each other accountable. In addition, you will discover you will be gaining on your fitness goals a lot quicker with a workout buddy.

To start both of you have to pick what type of exercise program you want to begin. Here are some questions you want to answer before you get started on your exercise program. Do you want to run each day in the morning? Do you want to meet at your house to do a fitness DVD? Maybe you want to join a local gym? Regardless of the decision, both of you must be dedicated to the workout program you choose.

Action item: Fall is a great time to begin or continue your exercise program. The weather is great with some cool mornings and warm evenings. The problem is the nice weather will not last forever at least not in the northern U.S. Take advantage of the fall and begin your fall exercise program today.

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