3 Steps To Dissolving The Mask of Anger

Anger is an emotion that causes us to lose our center and feel out of place. It is a reaction to a situation or experience that can lead us to spin; meaning, incessant thoughts of a drama that we are resisting.

Anger is resistance and it has a tendency to take away our presence and our point of center becomes harder to hold. Anger, like all negative emotions, is rooted in fear at its core.

We fear that because this situation doesn’t appear to be working out the way we had planned that there’s something happening that will affect our lives for the worse. This is merely a thought that can be defeated and dissolved using some simple steps for grounding our being in the 5 frequencies of;

1. Love and Compassion

2. Acceptance and Surrender

3. Trust

When we feel negative emotions it is because there is something about a particular situation that is not in alignment with your expectations and ideas of how an experience should be. It can be confounding because when we react with anger we begin a downward spiral of suppressing an experience.

Reacting with anger ultimately leads to a lowering of our vibration and more of the same.

This reaction can be avoided by observing an experience objectively and understand why we are feeling anger, which is nothing more than a mask for pain.

We can easily “take the sting out” of this emotion using some simple steps for dissolving the mask of anger.

 Step #1 – Have love and compassion for those who’s actions might otherwise make us angry.

 We can love everyone like we love our family, so let’s not allow their unconscious ways to take away from their potential for being loved by US. They know not what they do.

 Understand that the large majority of human beings are living difficult lives and that none of us really “have it easy”. We are all doing our best to find the highest outcomes in our life under difficult circumstances. We all want to be liked and accepted and some just don’t understand how their actions might adversely effect others.

 Most beings we encounter are not as conscious as we are. They don’t have the same tools we do and the way someone chooses to deal with certain experiences may not make sense to us but it’s safe to say they’re probably doing their best to avoid a negative emotion for themselves. Unfortunately, that can often mean they avoid this perceived negativity by passing it on to another.
For example, when someone says something not nice to us it can have a tendency to make us want to say or do something that sizes that person down and puts them in their place.

The reason we do that is to recuperate our own self-image that they are attacking. But instead of seeing anger or resentment in a person who projects negative energy upon us, we can observe their actions as an extension of their own inner battle. That person is in pain and they aren’t conscious enough to realize that what they’re really doing is attempting to dissolve their pain by using another as a punching-bag, knocking them down to regain their feeling of “being better” then you.

Having compassion for the projections of another is an effective way to see the deeper picture. We must understand that others are doing their best from a difficult situation and the projections of negativity are truly a cry for help. They don’t say much about us so there’s no reason to feel offended. The other person is just showing us they are having difficulty with something they don’t understand.

By responding with compassion rather than reacting with anger, we anchor a higher frequency into our own being while simultaneously shining our light as an example for the person who is in pain. In this way, responding with compassion has the potential to transform both of our lives for the better and it will inevitably do so the more we practice this compassionate response.

Step # 2 – Accepting that the emotion of anger is an opportunity to grow and surrendering to the flow.

 When strong negative emotions come to the surface we are being shown something about ourselves that we do not accept. We find ourselves resisting a situation because it is not working out the way we intended it to and it feels as though the flow we envisioned will be halted.

 We had set expectations for an outcome and when someone has acted outside the limits of what we feel is right action, it causes us to put a wall up and reject the experience. But by stepping back and not taking it personally, we can continue to move through this situation and stay in the flow with a conscious response.

 If you’re reading this it’s because you are someone who has made the choice to find alignment, peace, joy, clarity and balance in your life. In order to do this we must first move through these emotions and break the cycles of pain that have caused us to realize there must be a better way.

 The way to personal growth is full of experiences that can be unsettling. But every time we experience one of these emotions it is because we have reached a point where we are given the opportunity to break the cycle and respond with love instead of reacting with anger.

When we begin to accept all of our experiences as “valid”, without offering resistance, looking for the opportunity to shed what isn’t in alignment within us, suddenly every encounter we have becomes positive.


Because when we accept that even the difficult, or not so good experiences arise, we see them as opportunities for growth and transformation. We are being given the chance to break a cycle of fear and anger, a chance to raise our vibration and expand our consciousness, by choosing to be more compassionate and loving even when it’s difficult.

Suddenly every encounter becomes positive because we’re learning and growing from the difficult moments and enjoying the great moments with an ever-increasing appreciation. After moving through the dense experiences I’ve had, I don’t find anything to be so difficult or challenging that I’m not willing to grow from it.

We can seize every challenging moment as an opportunity to become even more powerful than we were before.

Focusing on this process brings each of us an exponentially rapid rate of accelerated expansion.

Step # 3 – Trusting that our experiences happen for a reason and that focusing on the process is crucial.

 Having trust in ourselves and our experiences, that all is exactly as it should be, a short-cut to finding more peace, joy, love and excitement through our personal transformation and growth.

 When we understand that we can handle anything that comes our way, we find difficult situations as simply a challenge that we will overcome that brings us to a new level of conscious awakening.

 We must trust that our vulnerability, our compassion in response to anger and a show of force, is the true show of strength and enlightenment.

 Instead of responding to aggression or anger with more of the same to protect our image, we must trust that responding with love is the highest potential because it will break the cycle and ground a higher frequency into our being.

For many of us, we had always been programmed to respond to anger with more of the same, respond to force and aggression with a great display of force and aggression, all with the intention to “come out on top” when all is said and done.

But it takes a great deal of strength, presence and trust in our self and the process, to respond in a way that is vulnerable and not seeking to attack another or protect our own image. By trusting that our “image” and our being is best served by waving the white-flag of surrender, we will inevitably realize that responding in love and compassion makes everyone involved stronger, happier and less likely to continue acting from within these cycles of resistance and separation.

The first time we break any cycle of reactionary anger is the hardest. But every time we break the cycle we take some more of the density away from this programmed response. As we continue to choose the highest potential response in these testy moments, all subsequent experiences will begin to become less and less dense and easier to transform.

As we continue to hold these higher frequencies of response, we find it becomes easy, smooth and before we know it we have completely transformed our ability to cope and respond to difficult situations.

It is on us to transform this planet and we can start by using these 3 steps for dissolving the mask of anger.

These are just some of the concepts that we will discuss in my course “Awakening 101” so make sure to sign up if you’d like to continue learning how we can transform ourselves and the planet into a higher vibrational state.

I’m grateful to be here and assisting YOU in any way I can!

Your brother in truth, light and love,

Author's Bio: 

Andrew R. Profaci is a 31 year old spiritualist, jiu-jitsu practitioner and animal lover from Fort Lauderdale, Florida who writes personal and spiritual development articles that carry a self-empowering message based on the experiences of his life’s journey. He is the owner of 5D News and a life-coach for many who are seeking greater clarity, alignment, purpose and fulfillment in their life. Andrew brings a realistic and grounded approach to spirituality that empowers others to take back control of their experience and manifest the dreams that are our birthright.