There are just 3 simple steps to doubling and tripling your conversion rates, so you spend less time and money on the wrong people and more time speaking with ideal potential clients who are excited to hear about the possibility to work with you.

Let me introduce you to the Convert More Clients Blueprint, which you can download for yourself here, and the 3 steps to getting more people to say, "yes!"

Step 1: Clarity & Confidence
Everything about this process is focused on thinking with the end in mind - a potential client saying a confident and exuberant ‘“yes” to an invitation to work with you.
In order to do that, you have to close any gaps that could potentially get in the way. The specific gaps to focus on are in the areas of money mindset, self-confidence and marketing fundamentals.
Basically, if you don’t believe in yourself, your pricing, your offer or the value of what you are delivering, it is highly unlikely the person on the other end of the phone will believe in you.
Getting clear on anything blocking your belief system, like how you feel about charging for your services, asking for money or having sales conversations is critical. When it comes to self confidence, feeling confident that you are experienced enough and able to get results in your area of expertise is what puts potential clients at ease.
Confidence breeds trust. That trust is built even faster when you are also clear about who your ideal clients are or who they are not. It’s not just niching or demographics that makes the ideal client, there are other factors to consider that are just as important.
Clarity is the solid foundation that drives your ability to succeed in converting clients.

Step 2: Connection
Imagine for a minute you are standing in a crowd of 100 people and 30 of those people have a problem that you can solve. How will you get their attention? What will you say to get just those 30 people to come rushing over to you?
Now imagine in that same crowd there are 10 other people who can also solve their problem. What will you say now to get the same 30 folks to come to you first? Whatever you say has to stop them in their tracks
Marketplaces are crowded. With social media as a constant staple, potential buyers are being inundated with sound bites from your competition - companies in the same industry, companies in other industries, the news, funny memes, quotes, cat videos, celebrity gossip and the people they actually know in real life (imagine that?)

Step 3:Conversion
The last piece of the puzzle in increasing your conversion rates lies in the the conversion process itself. The manner in which you can extend an invitation to discuss working together and ensure they are prepared and excited to meet you is a part of their decision-making process even before they speak to you. How you conduct the actual conversation makes that decision even easier.
When the process shows that they are in the hands of a professional from the very beginning, their excitement level goes up even higher. Plus, having an ideal potential client on the phone already, you will hear “Yes” more often.
By following these 3 steps you can have results like my client, Lauren, who had 32 rejections before we began working together to enrolling 2 new high-end coaching clients in 8 days.
So just remember - less hustle means more conversions and a clientele you love

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