Thinking of earning an income online but a little intimidated by all the technology the internet environment has to offer? Well for starters you may be surprised that technical skills are NOT a significant factor when developing a profitable business online! In fact there are really only 3 things you need to focus on to become successful marketing on the internet and here they are!

Focus # 1 Product

To develop a profitable business one must first have something that others want and are willing to pay for so everything begins here! Does what you offer serve a purpose, solve a problem or benefit people in some way? Trying to persuade people that they need what you offer is very difficult to do and this tact will not likely make you successful marketing your product! The need, desire or attraction must already be present in your targeted audience so be sure you're promoting something that's in demand!

Focus # 2 Marketing

One of the single biggest factors in being successful marketing anything at all is an already existing demand or need for your product! As mentioned above you're wasting your time and effort thinking you can 'create' a demand since quite simply this approach is one best left to only seasoned and top notched copy writers! On the other hand if you have a 'great' product offer your promotional efforts will not be as difficult and your sales conversions will be much better! The most profitable business is the one that has such a great offer that word of mouth advertising from satisfied customers is almost all you need! Now this can be a bit unrealistic to expect results to come this easily but you get the picture, the better the product the easier it is to market!

Focus # 3 Automation

When working within the internet environment there will be plenty of different tools, free or those you must pay for, that can help you automate your business! Now firstly understand these are simple tools to help you increase 'efficiency' in terms of completing certain tasks but you should NOT rely upon them as your business solution! Secondly, do not be intimidated by many of these software tools since they are simple to use and don't require much if any technical knowledge! The internet in many areas has been simplified to basically 'point and click' which is a credit to the behind the scenes technological advances!

Earning an income online does not require a high level of technical skills as one may guess when working in the internet environment! The fact of the matter is that in order to be successful marketing anything at all either on or off the internet your focus must be on what people want! From there it's a matter of making them aware of what you offer and to do so in the most efficient way possible! The discussion above focuses on the 3 most important aspects every profitable business must address for the best results! In this case having what others want and establishing a business structure that works efficiently will help insure your ability to be successful marketing on the internet!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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