The Law of Attraction is a wonderful law because it fulfills your hope that you have creative power over the circumstances of your life.

But how is it possible that you can get inconsistent results when applying a “law?” Doesn’t the fact that you are applying a law insure that you get results every time you apply it?

Well you actually do, you are always getting exactly what you are attracting.
So what’s the deal, why aren’t you getting the results that you want? Try these three steps and see how consistent your results become.

Step One – Know what “LIKE” is not. You’ve heard the definition of the Law of Attraction, “Like attracts like,” but have you ever asked yourself what “like” really is? Have you tried to change your feelings, thoughts, words, and actions? Are you getting the consistent results you want? Probably not or you wouldn’t be reading this article. Then feelings, thoughts, words, and actions can’t be the meaning of the word “like.”

Step Two – Know what “LIKE” is. So we’ve established that “like” has to be something other than a feeling, thought, word, or action. What’s left? There is something that we have not been aware of up until now and that is state of being. What is a state of being? It is an invisible experience within us that becomes physically manifested as a feeling, thought, word and action. It is the cause of every physical manifestation. So a state of being of happiness physically manifests as a feeling of happiness, a thought of happiness, words of happiness, actions of happiness and a perception of a happy reality. So state of being is the creative cause of everything else! Our new definition of the Law of Attraction becomes – Your state of being is attracting more opportunities to experience itself. Therefore, you are always creating opportunities to experience more of your current state of being!

Step Three – Stop trying to “use” the Law of Attraction. Are you consciously using the Law of Gravity? No, you are getting the results from it by fulfilling it. If you jump off a building you are fulfilling the law as much as you are by standing still and being held to the planet by it. It’s the same with the Law of Attraction. You are always fulfilling it whether you are aware of it or not. So don’t try to use it, instead get your attention on the creative cause of your experience, your state of being, and let the law do it’s thing by attracting to you more of the current state of being you are experiencing.

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