Do you want to become a mechanical engineer? Why not? If you can earn 30,000+ GBP per year at the starting then this is surely a very good profession to start with. The more you get an expert the more you can earn more. With just 8 years of experience, you can earn up to 83600 GBP and with 20 years experience, your yearly income can become 98,700 GBP. Yes, undoubtedly it is a lucrative job, so why not to become a great Mechanical Engineer? The good news is, You can become a great mechanical engineer just by following 3 simple steps. Read this article to know these easy 3 steps and start your journey to become a mechanical engineer from today. 

What does Mechanical engineer Do 

Before jumping into the 3 easy steps it is important for your job. Money is surely a good factor to aim for a career, but if you don’t have a clear idea about the job function then, you could face difficulties in the future. 


Mechanical engineers deal with mechanical and thermal devices such as tools, engines and machines. They research thermal them, design them and develop and test these devices. Most of the mechanical engineer works in the medical sector, energy sectors and the automated manufacturing sector. Some also work for the architectural and engineering firm too. Research analysis, designing, problem fixing are some of the common tasks of the mechanical engineer. 

Steps to Become a Mechanical Engineer 

  1. Complete your Degree 

Start with a higher national diploma in Mechanical Engineering from university or from college. Which one you choose depends on your A-Level result. If you have 2 or 3 As in A-Level including Maths and Physics you will be eligible to start your university in Mechanical Engineering. However, if you do not have 2 or 3 As do not worry. Still, you have chances. You can start your degree in the college level 4 or level 5 diploma course To be eligible for this course you need 1 or 2As with 3 Level 3 diploma or relevant experience. 

  1. Enrol In the Professional Course 

Now it is time for the professional degree. The professional degree will make you significant, you will stand out in the competitive job market. OneEducation offers an online training program on Car Mechanic. This is a fully online course. So, you can access this course anytime from anywhere. You won’t have to balance your busy schedule for the course, you can learn it in your most comfortable time. You will get an accredited certification from CPD which will add extra value to your CV. To start this course you do not need any prior experience or knowledge. If you are above 16 and have a passion for the car mechanic, then you can enrol this course anytime. 

  1. Get Ready for the Job 

Now you are done with your diploma and professional training course. You have the knowledge, now it is time to sharpen your practical skills and get started for the job market. Join an apprenticeship program to gather practical knowledge. This program can run 1 to 5 years depending on the level of your apprenticeship. After the apprenticeship, start applying for the job. You have experience, knowledge and a professional degree. So, you are perfectly ready for the job market to show your worth. Apply for the job, and keep patience. Gradually you will land your dream job as a mechanical engineer.  

Your dream job is just a step away. You can reach them if you start working from now. With your persistence, consistency and labour you can surely reach your goal. So, enrol in the car mechanic training course today and start your journey towards your dream career. 

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