The stock market can be a scary place for some people. In fact, for the general public its a no-go zone and something that is generally seen as a place where people lose money. Whenever there is a stock market crash the media jumps all over it because they like to report on the doom and gloom of the world. If you look at the history of the stock market you can see that its been one of the most stable and most profitable investments you can make.

For the most part the common ideas about the stock market is nothing but myth. Its false ideas that's been started by people who don't really know anything about it anyway. Then there is also the myths amongst traders themselves and there are a lot of novice traders who are gripped by fear - which prevents them from reaching the level of success they could. Lets quickly look at 3 of these myths and bust them wide open.

1. You need a lot of money to invest in stocks
Not true. In theory you can invest in the stock market with $10 but its not really practical or wise to do that. Its more more realistic to have at least $1000 to start with. You can give that to a broker to buy stocks for you or you can open your own online trading account and buy and sell shares yourself. You will need a minimum of $1000 to open a trading account and then you can invest as much or as little as you want.

2. The stock market is risky.
Not true. Although there is a lot of risks, its not really all that different form any other type of investment. All investments carry some level of risk and the risk-reward principle is in play at all times. To say that its the stock market itself that is risky is just plain wrong. Instead, its people's investment decisions that are risky. The market is just the market. What you do in the market is up to you entirely.

3. You need "big hits" to make a lot of money.
Not true - although most novice traders seem to live by this idea. Think of it this way: would you take a 20% return on $100,000 or would you take a 200% return on $1000? Making money on the stock market is all about consistent profits and not about going after that one trade that will make you rich. It rarely happens.

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