Successful start-ups know that they can go from nothing to something by leveraging the power of a network of meaningful people to help propel their business.

As a women entrepreneur, I get asked a lot about how entrepreneurs can successfully grow their businesses, especially startups. The answer? Building relationships! With the fact that experts predict that 80% of startups fail within the first three years of establishment, my six years of experience as an entrepreneur have made me realize that one of the keys to growing a business to build relationships.

And it shouldn’t just be any form of relationship. Build the right connections!

While it can look difficult or sound discouraging especially if you’re a newbie in the game, having the right connections could land you that investor or funding to grow your business or establishing a meaningful relationship with people in a relatively higher place can get you the capital needed to grow your startup.

The truth is that the right connections could help you form a partnership that will change the course of your entire company for the better, or the right connections could help you find a buyer for your company, leaving you with enough cash to start the next one.

Before we discuss the strategies, here’s why women entrepreneurial network is important. Read more in this blog post.

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