Hello Ladies,

Some of you believe to have figured men out, while others are clueless when it comes to understanding men. Even though most men are different, they have similarities at the same time. Every good woman should know how to satisfy and keep her man happy in bed. Believe it or not: The way to a mans hearth is not through his mind, but through his penis. That is the truth. I'll give you 3 simple tips that will get you started in figuring out how to become the only woman your man will need.

Tip #1 - Get more comfortable.
The first and most important step is confidence. Confidence in yourself and your body. A lot of you girls feel awkward when you are naked with a new guy or ashamed of your body. Being happy with yourself and confident in your looks is crucial for having better sex with your guy. If you are not comfortable right now, work on your self image. Hit the gym and start feeling better in your body and less self conscious. You have to be in love with yourself first so that you can be loved by others. Your man won't feel sexy about himself if you don't feel sexy about yourself first. Take the lead, don't be shy.

Tip #2 - Open up and let go.
Many of you gorgeous ladies are unable to just relax and go wild! Be what you are, let go. Society will tell you that "a good girl doesn't do that or this" and I'll tell you - forget about society. Sex is natural and it should be "dirty". Do all the crazy stuff you want to do, let go of the constraints that society put on you. To give a guy the best sex of his life you have to be open and ready to experiment and have fun, instead of looking at it as a chore or a job. The reality is that men want a "sexually liberated" woman that will do all the kinky stuff they can imagine and fulfill their sexual fantasies. Either he's going to do it with you or you'll end up loosing him if he runs after a "Slut." Be the woman he would run away with - not the one that is nagging and complaining all day and using sex as a tool to control him.

Tip #3 - Give, give and give some more.
Being devoted and submissive is what turns on most men. We want a woman that will do everything for us and do it because she loves us, not because some stupid magazine said she should do it. Don't do things as if they were a chore. Do it out of fun. Make his satisfaction Your satisfaction and make him see that. It all comes down to attitude. The more you give the more you will get back, so give him the best sex humanly possible and your relationship will be better than ever.

The best thing you can do is learn how to give your man amazing oral sex. Better than he has ever received in his entire life. Men fall in love with women that have skills that other women don't. And it doesn't have to be cooking well. I've been with more women than I can remember and most of them have absolutely no idea how to give proper Bj's - which every man wants, and rarely gets good one's. Every man will appreciate your effort to satisfy him and practicing and it is great that you are searching for a way to make him and therefore yourself happier. Keep on improving, since there's always space for it:) and most importantly: have fun!

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