What can be more frustrating than dealing with an outdated refrigerator?Old refrigerator not only poses the risk of damage and recurring malfunctioning but put you in trouble especially at the hour of rush. Among potential fridge malfunctions, inefficient door gasket is a common one. It may seem to be too negligible a thing to pay attention upon but plays a crucial role in keeping your food and beverages fresh and chilled.

If you are using an outdated model and haven’t yet got your appliance serviced by professionals, you have to prepare your pocket for bearing the costly repairs in future.

One of the prime reasons for food spoilage is damaged fridge door gasket and you have no other option than to replace it immediately.


Take a sneak peek at this post to learn how you can replace your damaged fridge door seal like a pro.


Every fridge door comes with a moulded rubber seal that prevents warm air from getting inside and cold air from releasing outside the appliance. When this rubber seal becomes outdated and brittle, it tends to leak and you suddenly notice your fridge door seal not sticking like before.


So how can you replace your fridge door gasket?


  • Remove the Worn Out Door Seal

While you perform the task of removing your old door gasket, dip the new seal in luke warm water for a couple of minutes to make it flexible and easier to install. Start lifting the inner edge of the existing gasket to identify the screws that fix seal into the retainer and once you are done, try to loosen them. If its too challenging a task, opt for Westinghouse fridge repairs for instant help. The experts use an appropriate hex head nut driver to pull off the inner flange of the rubber seal and pull it back.


  • Affix the New Fridge Door Gasket

Once you are done scrapping off the old rubber seal, proceed with installing the new gasket. Start off with one of the top corners, fix the gasket lip behind your metal retainer and then fix it surrounding the entire door frame. If you find it difficult to perform on your own, you can hire professional fridge repairs in Ryde where the experts will use hex nut driver for snugging up but not tighten the seal retainer screws. To ensure the task is done properly, you can push and pull the door and recheck it’s alignment.


  • Apply Petroleum Jelly on The Fridge Door Seal

Before you apply petroleum jelly on your fridge door gasket, understand the position of the door relative to the interior doors of the refrigerator’s ice maker and cabinet. If you find the freezer of refrigerator door is sagging or going too high, you need to loosen the hinges and put your efforts for a proper alignment. Finally, apply a layer of petroleum jelly along the hinge of the gasket and you are done. Replacing fridge rubber seal may seem to an easy task, but it involves time, patience and precision.


Bottom Line

If you are struggling to ammend your leaking fridge door rubber seal, don’t delay to approach a fridge repairing expert who can complete the task with perfection and care.

Author's Bio: 

The author is a working professional providing Westinghouse fridge repairs and have been providing fridge repairs in Ryde for a couple of years.