Do you have any of these beliefs about dowsing?

• The pendulum (or tool) is what gives you answers
• Dowsing is a healing method
• You have to do certain rituals if you want accurate dowsing answers

You probably expect me to say that all of the above are wrong. Well, the bad news is just the opposite. If you believe those things to be true, then they are true—for you. But they are misconceptions about dowsing, and if you believe them, and they are your 'truth', then more than likely, they are blocking you from becoming the great dowser you can be.

I wish I had a dollar for every person I have ever heard say, “The pendulum told me....” It is an unfortunate belief if you think that your tool has all the answers. A piano doesn't produce music any better than the person playing it. A tool is a tool. It can only give answers that are as accurate as you are. The tool indicates answers, but it is not the source of them.

Time and again, people speak in ways that gives their power away. Giving your power to the tool will not enhance your dowsing ability. Take your power back and speak and act knowing that YOU are the one getting the answers, not the tool. That will also inspire you to find ways to improve your technique, much as the pianist practices his or her craft to hone skill.

Is dowsing a healing method? Certainly not. Dowsing is a way of getting answers to questions. That is all dowsing is. Too often, we hear people, even veteran dowsers, suggest that one can use dowsing to heal or change a situation. Not really. Dowsing is a way of finding out causes of problems, and it can help you pick the best solutions. Dowsing never changes anything.

So why do people think of dowsing as a technique to create change? They confuse the use of intention with dowsing. Intention is what is causing the change when they spin their pendulum and clear energies, not the act of dowsing. Often, they use the spinning pendulum to indicate when the process is complete, but it is not dowsing that is transforming the situation. Intention is. This confusion leads people to think of dowsing as a healing technique rather than a tool for getting answers to any kind of question. Like the first misconception, that will lead to sloppy thinking that takes the place of actually practicing your craft and learning new ways to dowse better.

Many dowsers have rituals they feel they must perform to get a good dowsing response. One of the more common is the “Can I, May I, Should I” question. One of the strangest I have ever heard (at least to me) was the insistence that accurate answers can only be had if you face the direction of your specific planet. (?) And it wasn't always a known planet, and wasn't obvious what planet you should use. And if you had to dowse to find out 'your' planet, how could you get an accurate answer, since you wouldn't know which direction your planet was in so you could face the right way when asking?

Rituals are meant to help you focus your intention, but as in some religions, they often lose their original meaning and then just become a routine you follow blindly, as if the ritual does the work. And since you have no intention behind the routines, they are pretty useless and become more of a drag than a help. Dowsing 'un-consciously' is not going to help you become a better dowser. Learning proper technique, improving your dowsing questions and finding new applications will help you be the best dowser you can be.

There are many misconceptions dowsers have about dowsing, but the three that hold dowsers back the most are: thinking the tool gives the answers; thinking dowsing does things it does not; and thinking that specific rituals are vital to getting accurate dowsing answers.

These beliefs block progress by giving your power away and by making you think of dowsing as something outside of yourself that isn't really a natural skill you have to learn about or practice. Truly excellent dowsers are those who study, practice and hone their dowsing, knowing that although it seems magical, dowsing is a natural ability like any other. Thus, education and practice are required for the best performance.

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Maggie and Nigel Percy specialize in dowsing for personal growth--creating the life you want using dowsing. With that in mind, they are experts in both the 'inner' work of clearing personal blocks and the 'outer work' of space clearing to provide harmonious space for success. They are also expert health dowsers. They have been teaching dowsing together since 2000, and their passion is to empower as many people as possible to learn to dowse. With that in mind, they have created a range of affordable and free products to help people with this goal. Visit their website for more information: