Many men often feel "unable to do what they want." It's not just that they have more things to worry about, but also something to do with their health. If you ask about the physical condition of the men around you, men who smoke will say that their lungs are bad, men who drink alcohol say they have liver problems, and those who love spicy food will tell others that they have gastrointestinal issues. However, most men have prostate problems, but everyone will "shut up."

Prostatitis is simply the most common disease. Men of all ages are very easy to suffer from this disease. As long as you follow the doctor's advice and receive timely treatment, it will recover.

Antibiotics are the first choice for bacterial prostatitis. They are effective when in a acute stage. But most patients have nonbacterial prostatitis, so the effect of antibiotics is not very obvious. In contrast, people can take herbal medicine, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for symptomatic treatment with the functions of clearing heat and detoxification, activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis, etc. Besides, it can also cure the inflammation and infection spread in other parts, and its effect is working on the whole tissue system.

However, when prostatitis occurs, the patient's feelings are still excruciating. In the early stage of prostate problems, patients' first performance is that the urination state has changed if the original urination has been very smooth but recently found that the frequency of going to the toilet has become more frequent. When you need to get up to urinate at night, you will feel very uncomfortable and even have pain, indicating that you may have prostatitis. Besides, men with prostatitis will also lose weight.

Men with prostate problems are often very similar in three places. If you don't meet these three points, there is no need to worry about prostate problems. If one point is said to be right, you should be vigilant.

The first point: don't like water

It is said that women are made of water. It seems that women drink water more frequently than men. Some men are busy at work and sometimes can't remember to drink water or have no time to drink water, so they simply don't drink much water. They also tend to think that this method can reduce the frequency of urination to have more time to work. But these two kinds of behavior do not drink water and hold urine can deeply hurt your prostate, even have the possibility of urethral infection. If you want a healthy prostate, you should urinate in time and drink plenty of water to avoid the growth of bacteria.

The second point: long sitting time

Prostate site is the most taboo long-term compression because it will cause congestion, leading to prostatitis. As it is the Internet age, many men need to sit for a long time in their jobs; and if you observe carefully when riding, you will find that most drivers are men. They often need to sit all day at work. If they work overtime, they will sit longer. In this way, prostatitis is a matter of time.

The third point: heavy taste lovers

A lot of men like heavy taste food, which makes them spicy and enjoyable. And this spicy and stimulating food, not only will let them "howl straight," but also will make the prostate congestion phenomenon. Once or twice good, long-term so, prostatitis also finds the door.

If men want to protect their prostate, let it no longer become difficult to "inflammation" hidden, avoid the above three points.

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