Wow, you managed to snag an awesome deal to provide voice support service for a client? Awesome! The road to customer service supremacy does not end after the client accepts your deal. Believe us, it’s only the beginning and the long winding road just got feistier. It ain’t easy doing BPO for the first time. And being a newbie, you can easily get lost with all the processes. Initial meetings, follow up consultations, installations, training and going live… one can be easily be daunted. These weren’t taught in college and if they did, it feels lacking in detail. But if you’re an expanding business or would want to make a mark in this ever-growing field, there are some things you’d wish you know now than later.

Reality Check: Target Dates Get Moved. A lot.

Let’s be realistic, even those who have experience working in the BPO industry intensively have some weaknesses in this multi-faceted industry. Got your infrastructure and tech ready? Good! How about recruitment? Call forecasting? Not to mention you have that after call process called Quality Assurance to worry about. The first day of agent training is your real launch date. And recruitment and training are deal breakers that can cost delays or worst, fallouts. It is hard to find heads that can fit effortlessly into your client’s agent profile only to find out that they quit mid-training. In summary? Be prepared for the worst. Have buffers. Backup servers. Have a Plan B. Not to be nihilistic but problems lurk around the corner that can affect your start date. Some can be avoided, most are not. Concrete preparation is the answer.

Rocky Road: Knowledge Transition

When taking in the contact service of a client, you are not just helping a business loosen up on their business and focus on key processes, you’re also ingesting some parts of that company’s culture. How they do things, how they resolve conflict among others…it’s going to be a challenge to both parties. A seamless transition is the best investment you can get. There’s a reason why people lose a lot of money on faulty training and transition. Transparency on business processes plus a fun learning environment can make transitions less rocky.

Relax. Just Take it Slow.

Didn’t think this post would stop on a negative note, would you? The most important thing is to implement and go live at your own pace. Some of the processes in starting up your own BPO take time and patience. Speed, in fact, is the enemy of transition and cliché as it may sound, you can’t rush perfection. Time management is key here and you can definitely use the down time to focus on other aspects of your new venture. But if you do choose to go at a rapid pace, be prepared that the quality of some processes might be compromised.

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