Children and businesses don’t mix well together. It’s exactly because children still have immature ways of thinking, are unruly, a bottle full of energy, and only think of having fun. Kind of like how we are when we’re taking a vacation surrounded by friends. Adults are just big kids with responsibilities, that’s why we aren’t that much different from them. A child however is more creative than an adult and thus they view things differently from us. Children can help us run a business by:

  1. Basic and Common Questions We Forgot to Ask Ourselves
  2. Children are inquisitive by nature and tend to ask anything and everything that piques their interest. They take things at face value at first but then ask more simple yet difficult questions. Running a business means that we need to plan out all of our steps accordingly before we can proceed. Failing to plan means that we are at a bigger risk of failing. We concentrate on the word “failure” more than we need to, children on the other hand, don’t think much about it. They simply ask basic questions to understand things better and at the same time lose interest if it isn’t something that can entertain them. Too much planning and thinking ahead may make us forget the very basic questions of What, Why, How, Who, and Will.

    -What does this product/service do?
    -Why did you create it?
    -How is it able to function like that?
    -Will it still work if I do it like this?

    We might get caught up with our own thoughts and agendas that we forget the most basic questions we need to ask first.

  3. They See Things from a Different Angle
  4. No it isn’t because children are short. Children have a way of looking at things. Sure they will see and accept things at face value, but they are more than able to understand better than we can. They like to twist words (and even objects) around basic things to try satisfy their curiosity. They don’t usually dwell in a single viewpoint and tend to look at all possible angles. It’s more evident when they see, hold, and play with a new interesting toy. They try to physically twist and rotate their toy and even try to break it to see how it works. It’s the same for a business, you should think and see things in different perspectives and ultimately try to destroy a part of it to see how things will go and how you will be able to better prepare for an even worse scenario.

  5. They Become Our Inspirations

  6. Our children have become our drive to achieve greater success. They might ruin your day at some point and they will even drive you crazy, but whenever you see them happily playing, sleeping peacefully, and sharing you the food they have, it makes you treasure them more. They are the integral part of the family and you would push yourself harder in order for them to live a better life. Simply by being there, flashing their most innocent smile at you, it gives you this unknown surge of power that helps you combat fatigue, release stress, and give you the energy to stand against any adversary you face in business.

Sometimes, all you need is a simple perspective. So simple, that you have a hard time explaining about it.

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Clarissa Leary is a property investor, life mentor, and a Creatrix Transformologist with over 15 years of experience. She is known for her personal drive as a life mentor and her willingness to pass on her secrets to help others rapidly experience business success, create fulfilling personal relationships, and live a life of genuine, sustainable freedom.

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