The world of business is truly competitive. As a matter of fact, before you can even set foot on this industry, you will get a taste of what the competition is all about. Almost always, there is more than one applicant for a single business management position and they are likely to carry the same business management diploma as yours. Therefore, it is extremely important to throw in other things you can offer aside from that. Here are some ideas:

Power dressing. Actors portray their roles better when they are dressed for the part or in costume. Business people shouldn’t see this differently. The right choice of clothes and accessories can make you feel confident and ready to take the world with your business acumen. Likewise, power dressing has the power to make employers or hiring managers imagine you in the position you are applying for so never underestimate this part. Basically, appearance falls in the “first impressions” category and it can have a bearing in your application as much as a business management diploma.

Impressive resume and cover letter. When writing your resume and cover letter, remember the 3 Cs: concise, current and cut out for every application. Business management is not a field for fancy words. Instead, use strong keywords that would highlight your competence and not some high school activities that would only be a waste of space. At the same time, the keywords should address the requirements in the job posting or advertisement. Get rid of experiences that happened eons ago if they are not really noteworthy. Lastly, try to make a set for every position you are applying for.

Refreshing interview. Interview is the perfect opportunity to expand what you have written in the resume and cover letter or better, talk about things you haven’t mentioned yet. As much as you can, avoid a repetition. Arrive early or on time, be candid and come prepared. Do your research and ask questions about the position or company if you need to. Of course, be ready to answer questions about yourself, particularly about the business management course you finished and your work experience. Fresh graduates can gain experience by working as interns or through volunteer jobs.

TIP: The thing about interviews is that it doesn’t happen in offices all the time. There are instances where you’d meet a prospective employer outside the four walls of an office so always be prepared.

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