Creating success in your business is much like following a recipe. In order for it to turn out successful, you must have the key ingredients in place. Once you have established these key ingredients and built the required foundation, creating results will then become easily obtainable by mixing all of your key ingredients with a bit of hard work. And the great news about your business is that the “shopping list” for your ingredients, is a very short one! So, let’s get started with the three things that you must have in place to have success beyond logic in your business.

Ingredient #1 – Be able to move past your own beliefs and manage your energy.

I have put this first on my list and would like to spend a little time talking about it, as it is really the most important ingredient. Our own beliefs about ourselves will either create and move us toward opportunity or sabotage and hold us back from it. Everyone has questions, fears, uncertainties and apprehensions. If we continually focus on and view these issues as our future, we will always be attracting the things that create them in the first place. On the other hand, we can choose to acknowledge these things, accepting that they are perceptions that we have at the time, and then “self-coach” ourselves to make a shift in these perceptions until they are where we want them to be. Why does this work? Well, when you have a self-coaching system that supports you at both an inner and outer level, you will get results. You then become empowered and everything begins to change.

Ingredient #2 – Be clear on what your niche is and how to language what you do.

This second ingredient is about knowing your product, service or program, and how it can make a difference in the lives of those around you. Begin by finding your niche. Ask yourself what you feel a deep connection to or if you have a strong enough desire to serve. Once you have located your calling, begin to identify who your ideal clients are and how you can help them and make an energetic connection. When you are comfortable and confident with yourself and your business, you will create a bridge directly to the heads and hearts of those who you desire to connect with. Instead of trying to make your business offerings fit the needs of people, first become clear on what you can offer others and then always be searching for those who are in need what you have to offer them.

Ingredient #3 – Be able to talk to people without pressure or manipulation.

Being able to communicate effectively is the third ingredient in this recipe for success. Many times people only focus on trying to compel others to buy what they are selling rather than just talking, listening and communicating to see if they can provide a valued service to the prospective customer. Once you have taken the time to really connect with an individual or group, and establish whether or not your business can truly benefit their life or situation, then getting them to become a trusted, paying customer will become much easier.

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Sharon Wilson, founder of Coaching From Spirit, helps people learn how to coach themselves and business owners sync self-coaching with leading-edge business strategies. Sign up at for Sharon’s free eBook:Empowered Spiritualpreneur Guidebook.