There are a lot of ways to advertise your product, through television, billboards, leaflets, brochures, business signs, and even vehicle wraps. Advertising your product is a big factor in order for your business to succeed. So, as a business person, you need to think of a unique yet effective way to market your product.

Vehicle wrap, this is actually one of the most effective ways of showing your product to the public. Choosing the appropriate design for your vehicle wrap requires a lot of great thinking and every technique, step and strategy needs to be properly established and aligned together before you apply it to the canvas. Try to read the tips below to help you achieve the “just right” design you’ll use to advertise your company’s product using a vehicle wrap.

Designing the logo

What would be the center of your vehicle wrap design? The logo, of course! If you would think about it there’s no quicker way to drag down the potential of your brand than spreading it to the mob using a poor logo. If your logo is not good enough for everybody, then the rest of the design will not matter anymore. Many business owners who do not want to spend a huge budget fall into the mistake of choosing a poorly designed logo even if they know how it sucks and that’s what you wouldn't want to happen. So, as much as possible, prepare a sensible amount of money you will use for the perfect logo.

Remember that when you start the design of your vehicle wrap with a great logo, the rest of the details will then follow the way you and everyone want it to be. Keep in mind that you, yourself, is one of the audiences of your logo that will admire its beauty.

Keep it simple

Billboard and vehicle wrap is almost the same if you would think about it. It’s just that the vehicle wrap, well, obviously travels from one place to another. Now, imagine yourself driving along the city, windows rolled down, eyes above the buildings looking towards billboard advertisements, what does a billboard look like? I guess you say it consists of no more than two phone numbers, multiple taglines, and long bullet points, right?

For example, look at Nike, Coca-Cola, and Marlboro when shown on billboards. Most of the time highlights their brand. Want to know why? Because not everyone has the time to read all of the information presented up there and everybody is busy keeping themselves away from an accident while driving.

Keep in mind that designing a vehicle wrap is like creating a billboards design, it should be simple yet eye-catching and easy to remember and more importantly, leaves a big impact on the public. it should not be like a brochure, remember a vehicle wrap should only consist two things, logo and brandings should always come first and after that insert the tagline, there should be no add-ons unless needed.

Create your own

Today, it’s not hard to print out business signs to use in advertising your product given the fact that print is far from dead. However, the challenge is on how you would create a design that will distinguish your company from your competitors. The picture is a different story compared to the brand and logo you would use to cover up the vehicle, so that makes the photograph as one of the important factors that you need to consider before doing your project. If I ask you, what makes an illustration of a pesticide unique from others? How does it represent a company as a whole? These questions may be easy to answer but the outcome leaves a lasting impression on everyone.

Following the trend right now is not a bad thing. In fact, if you want to cope with the battle amongst the other companies, it can actually give you an advantage. However, make sure that when you follow what others do, the outcome should be worth the effort you’ve done. Because in the first place your goal is to win the favor of your clients or prospects by building the value of your brand. Therefore, do not confuse the public by using pictures that distract the viewers on what you really want to portray to them.


Did those tips above help you understand how important it is to value the details you use in creating a design for a vehicle wrap? I’m sure it did because when you take a look at the thousands of vehicles used to advertise products, you will notice that the above-mentioned points are some of the mistakes most designers commit. When you start your own, beware of these common mistakes cause it can make or break your company's success in the future.

Author's Bio: 

Grace Rivera is a passionate writer who works for a sign company. When she's bored, it's either she visits her social media profiles or babysitting her poodle, Cherry Blossom.