Break ups aren’t always preventable but that does not mean that they are permanent. If you and your special lady have recently broken up, you may still have the chance to get her back. Because women are complicated and fragile creatures, you will need certain techniques on how to get her back for good. The following secrets will help you melt her heart and get her to stay with you for keeps.

1.Her feelings are to be respected.

Women are naturally meant to express their feelings in a variety of ways. If she lashes out at you with hurtful words, take some time to absorb them without hitting her back with insults. The more you say, the less chances you have of ever getting her back. She may be the type who cries a lot, or the type who struggles with keeping it all in.

Here a truth that won’t change - every break up is meant to be hurtful, regardless of how a couple reacts. Both of you may feel resentment, hatred, frustration, indecisions, and retaliation may all surface, but resist the urge to do the latter. If you approach her with heat, you will only clash and make it impossible for her to take you back.

2. Think about what caused the falling out.

Every break up has a reason. You may have done something wrong, she may have had her faults, or the break up may have happened because of the two of you. But if you really want her back, you will need to stop blaming her for anything, or yourself for your wrongdoings. Instead, think about how you contributed to the relationship, including the breakup.

A girl will usually be vocal about her needs and whether they are met. She may have mentioned this before the break up, or may have hinted at it several times during your relationship. Take the time to go over your relationship. It is only right to ask her for a reason if you are clueless. If you have any chance left to still be with her, you will need to know how to make things right again.

3. Make sure she knows you’re there, but don’t stay too close.

It may be confusing, but keeping your distance while being there for her is important to balance. If you really want her back, she needs to know you will be there for her. If you are totally absent, she will think you have moved on.

On the other hand, learn to keep your distance by respecting her space and time. If she says she is not ready to talk, back off and let her be. Smothering her might scare her away even more. She needs to know you are present for her, but are respectful of your need for some quiet.

How you express your emotions might be very different from how your lady may express hers. When your special lady pushes you away, remember that she may actually need the space, but may be waiting for you to pursue her. Your tricks will be reliant upon the type of person you are and the type that she is. But the above-mentioned techniques almost always work.

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