The journey of love has always been full of ups and downs. Even your love horoscope never predicts a smooth sailing all along. Sometimes you get to sail through a smooth road and sometimes you hit a rough patch. Steering your car through that rough patch is a very tricky affair, and if you do not stay alert and take precautions, then it might prove fatal for the future of your
relationship with your girlfriend.

And one of the best ways to steer your car of love to safety is by maintaining some anonymity within your relationship. You should never divulge everything out to your girlfriend just because you are looking for a serious relationship with her. While you might look at it as a sign of your honesty towards her, but it is not necessary that your girlfriend will also take it in the same sense.
So, then, how do you let your girlfriend enter into your inner world without making your relationship fall apart? Simple, tell her only what is required!
We give you access to three things you should never tell your girlfriend if you intend to have a longer relationship with her.
The Number of Times You Got Laid!
While you might love bragging about your sexual escapades to your friends, avoid doing the same to your girlfriend. Your girlfriend is not like your guy friends who will laugh it off with you or compliment you on your ‘conquests’. In fact, it might rub her the wrong way, and if by any chance that has to happen, then you will be in a soup for sure. You can very well go ahead and tell her that you are not a virgin. However, make sure that you do it in such a way that she doesn’t think you sleep with any girl that comes your way.

Talk About Your Ex-Girlfriend(s)

Discussing or talking about your ex-girlfriends or past affairs may not be a big deal for you, but it is for a girl. And trust us, your girlfriend is no different. While she might be the coolest girl you have ever met in your life, yet she would never be able to accept your ex-girlfriends as casually as you do. Worse still, she might just start comparing herself with your ex-girlfriends and start taunting you with the same every now and then.

The Salary You Draw in a Year

Some things in life need to remain personal to the extent that nobody but only you has access to it. Your annual salary is one of them. While you may be drawing a highly enviable figure over the course of a year, but using it as a medium to score a girl is a strict no-no. And if your girl is constantly trying to get into the details of your bank balance, then you better get alert as you might hooked yourself up with a potential gold digger.

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As per astrology, the two of you might form the perfect couple. You ruling numbers may also have superb compatibility. Still, you should never lay bare your life like an open book to your girlfriend if you wish to spend your entire life with her.