In today's world of technology, everybody is surrounded by some kind of digital distraction like smartphones, PC, TV , video game, and many more. People are wasting their premium time on the phone, scrolling through different kind of social media like youtube, Instagram, Facebook, etc especially students. They spend their lot of time on youtube watching different types of entertainment videos, checking Instagram which leads to a waste of a lot of time. This all happens because you are not a productive person who manages their time. So, in this post, you will get time management techniques for students which you can use to manage your time for study, mobile phone, and trying something new so that you don't waste your time elsewhere.

In this post, you will learn about 4 types of time management techniques that will boost your productivity. Here is the first one

1. Time blocking

Time blocking is a very famous time management technique. This technique used by most successful people on the earth like elon musk, bill gates etc. Because, with the help of this technique, you can complete any task with productivity on the time. Another benefit of this technique is "We push ourselves beyond our limit ", I will later explain it with the help of an example. But let's know about this technique

In the time blocking ,we divide our working hour into different sub-parts on the basis of its importance .

Suppose, You have to read 5 subjects and you decide to read for 7 hours per day. So, we can not read every subject equally (Maybe you can) because this requires a lot of hard work. But if you have only a limited amount of time and want to score good marks in the exam. You can follow the 80/20 rule. What is the 80/20 rule?

According to 80/20 rule ,our 20% of activies are resposible for 80% of result .This rule is applicable for all
field wheather it is business,job,health or relationship etc

So, You have to find that 20% of the syllabus and prepare very well. By the way, here is the table which you can use for an example. Give less amount of time on strong zone and more time for weak zone 

Subject Study time
1 . English    1 hour
2 . Hindi    1 hour
3 . math 2 hour
4  . Physics   2 hour
5  . chemistry   1 hour

 you can use this table to manage your study time for different subjects on the basis of your skill. You can also use this technique to solve your question paper, exercises of the book for practice. You have to only decide a fixed number of minutes in which you have to solve that 10 problems of a particular exercise so that you can measure your performance and push yourself to decrease time duration to solve the same amount of problem in less time. Because

Our performance improves only when we measure it

This technique will very helpful for you in managing your time and making progress. I recommend you try this technique for someday.If it doesn't work for you because it is not necessarily one technique that works for everybody. So, you can use the second technique of our list

2. Timeboxing

This is another great technique for time management. But there is some confusion between time boxing and time blocking, some people think both techniques are the same but there is a difference. I explain ,

Time blocking:-In this technique, we divide our working hours into sub-part according to their importance.

Timeboxing:- In this technique, we decide a particular amount of time for completing any particular subjects. Let's understand it with an example,

Suppose, you decide to read a chapter on physics "Gravitational force" for 2 hours. It is an example of time blocking. But, when you decide to complete particular topics of gravitational force like what is gravitational force,its properties, gravitational constant, etc in 2 hours It is a statement of timeboxing.

Main difference is "In time blocking, we decide some period of time for some task" But "In the time boxing, we decide a particular amount of time to complete a certain task" I hope ,now you have understood it very well.

How to use timeboxing for planning your task

Here is the exact step which you can follow to use this technique

step:1 First of all, prepare your to-do list as you prepare always.

step:2 Now ,pick up a important task from to-do list

step:3 Estimate the time which you need to complete that task .

step:4 You can use different techniques in that duration of working time like Pomodoro techniques. If you are not familiar with this method, here is the technique

In pomodoro techniques ,we work on any task for 25 minutes and take rest for 5 minutes ,25 minutes work and
5 minutes rest .In this way , after repeating this process for 4 times .We have worked for 100 minutes as well as
have taken rest for 20 minutes which is really important .You can use this technique to boost your productivity
Benefit of timeboxing 
By using this technique, we can complete any task in a limited amount of time. Because according to parkison's law

work expand as much as we give time to that .

So,now you have only limited amount of time . You will force yourself to complete that task

2. By using this technique, You can check your progress for completing any task so that when you complete it next  time, you ask yourself "How I can complete this in less time than done in past?"

3. Day theming

This technique for time management is different from the above two techniques. Here is the day theming technique

In day theming ,we theme a particular day of week for specific task like monday for physics,tuesday for math ,wednesday for social science and more

So, if you are looking for a technique that is effective but takes less amount of time in the planning. This technique is best for you

How to use this technique

We generally plan our working hour day in the to-do list whether you use timeboxing or time blocking daily.But in day theming, we don't need to plan every single day. We can do this planning on Sunday evening for the whole week and dedicate a specific day for a specific task.

Benefits of this technique

1 . We don't need to spend a lot of time in the planning

2 . Your question "What I have to do today?" will stop because you have already planned work for the next day.

3 . You can complete your important task on time

So, these are three-time management techniques for students that you can try to boost your productivity.  

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