So, you finally get her over for a romantic evening. The pressure is on and you know you have to impress if you want the night to the way you are hoping. The truth is that if she's coming over then you both probably have the same ideas. If it is the first time for you then there are a couple of things you have to be very careful of. This is one night you don't want to screw up as it might ruin your chances with her for good.

The very first thing you have to realize is that women in general are quite skeptical about going over to a guys place. There's always the element of doubt that you might be a freak. You need to put her at ease immediately by showing her that you are normal. Don't go showing her your collection of Samurai Swords or ninja stars! This will only freak her out. Maybe later on in the relationship but on a first home date you need to put your "normal" foot forward.

Secondly, you need to clean up. I know this is hard, but at least do a sweep of your place and clean the worse of the grime. Make sure you clean the bathroom. Women read into a dirty place and come to all sorts of conclusions about you. Coming across as dirty will only be a turn of and the night will probably not go the way you are planning it to go. A clean appearance will also help to put her mind at ease and show that you are normal.

Thirdly, you have to cook. Trust me. This is the way to a girls heart on a first home date. Don't get take always and don't pop a microwave dinner. Men that can cook is something women really like. If you are a terrible cook then pick up the phone and call your mum or your gran and ask. Even if it's just an okay dinner, if you cook it she will see another side of you. Keep it simple but make sure its edible.

The secret is in the wine and the dessert. Get a good bottle of red wine and make sure she has enough to drink at all times. As for dessert, you cannot go wrong with strawberries and chocolate.

Don't go over the top with anything. Always convey the message that you are not really making an effort. Don't make it look like you are trying too hard - even if you are. The key is to serve dinner early and to get her sitting next to you on the coach as soon as possible. Y have to set it up in such as way that you are close enough for things to start happening. In the end you have to initiate it, but y have to go very slow. It starts the second she walks in and then you have to gradually and politely lead her into sex in as gentlemanly way as possible.

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