On the internet financial barriers are not a factor in terms of building your business however this does NOT guarantee your success online either! For anybody with aspirations of developing a profitable business on the net there are 3 ingredients you will need to become successful and are discussed below!

Online Presence

Working on the internet requires having some type of presence online such as a website or blog that people can visit! In most cases it is best to display the goods or services you provide with a brief summary of their benefits (not features) along with your mission statement as well! This statement explains your reasons or purpose for what it is you do and how you intend to conduct yourself or your business! The point here is you want people to become familiar with you which of course will also hopefully make them more comfortable as well! This presence also and most importantly gives you a location from which you can conduct your business! Without such a presence it would make it virtually impossible for you to become successful in the first place!

Product and/or Service

You can not have a profitable business without having a product or service that is needed or in demand! Before even going live online it is always recommended to first conduct the necessary research to determine if what you have to offer or the market you want to enter does in fact show profit potential! Your success online calls for research not only in this area but also establishing the way in which you can best promote any goods or services to the intended market!

Tenacious Entrepreneur

Every small business owner absolutely must approach their work with the tenacity of a rabid pit bull! Success online is not granted to you simply because you've established a site and are making product offers! The success of most small businesses is developed over time and this takes patience and of course plenty of perseverance! Working online you can expect continuous changes in policies that govern the internet community along with the need to adapt to new marketing strategies as well! How well you are able to make these adjustments will go a long way towards helping you develop a profitable business! Remember as we mentioned previously, this will NOT happen overnight therefore you must be tenacious in your pursuits!

When building your business on the internet there are 3 key ingredients you'll need in order to become successful! Fortunately for most, financial resources will not be a factor, however every profitable business will require the 3 components discussed above to make success online a reality! Even though many still assume that internet commerce of any sort is heavily reliant upon technical knowledge and skills it all boils down to 3 simple ingredients! If you possess the tenacity, product and presence there is no reason success online can not be yours!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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