Being a content creator has been a recent job that is trending up due to the necessity of capturing the attention of a market with quality or relevant information. Either creating texts, images, or videos, it requires time to have a good piece of content that can help your audience. As a content creator, one of the challenges is how to address the message that I want to deliver so that my readers or viewers engage with my content. It is frustrating to have the feeling of creating something and that nobody cares. Therefore, in this post I share some tips of what I have experienced on this journey as a content creator.

1. Getting ideas.

The first thing that might come to our mind is what should I create. There are already too much pieces of content out there, that immediately I think why should I create more content if mine might be a piece of shit compared to the other. Here is where the challenge starts. A create content creator will look for spots that have not been fulfilled yet, or search for ways to overpass the current content. If you are looking for visual ideas, Behance it is a perfect place to get inspired. If you are looking for topics, then you should already know about Google Keyword Planner.

2. Developing Content.

Once the idea of what to create is in your mind, and you already planned your work, then it is time to have hands on. For content creators, it is vital to use time as efficient as possible to respond fast to their needs. If we talk about writing, then get a good research about the topic so that the information can easily flow in your mind and that the words can be typed fast. In terms of creating visual content, you either can start things from scratch or use templates. If you are going for the second option, on my Envato Elements Review I share how it can be so helpful to rely on templates and modify them to create faster and even better content.

3. Push your content with Social Ads

It doesn’t matter how hard work you put in your content and how good it is, organic reach is dying and the social media platforms are pushing publishers and businesses to use their advertising services. This is the fastest way to generate engagement on the content that we created. Nothing is sadder that seeing a work that you give up more than 2 hours and being just a simple post that no one even saw. There set aside a budget or request one to give a boost to your content.

This were some quick tips for content creators. It is not an easy journey to catch audience’s attention, but once you got it, then the challenge is to keep doing it at the same quality or even better.

Carlos Barraza is a Digital Content Specialist with 2 years of experience IT Industry in Germany and more than 5 years of experience in Digital Marketing.

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