Did you know that people born after 1981 are called a generation of millennials? They are associated with a deep involvement in digital technologies. Nowadays, it is hard to imagine a child not holding a smartphone or not using a laptop. Parents need to accept the era of modern technologies and make most out of it. You can motivate your off-spring to learn music by means of gadgets. Here is one more link for inspiring creativity in music education http://musicmattersblog.com/2017/02/22/3-tips- for-getting- millennials-interested- in-music-
learning-a- guest-post- by-alternate- tone-music- school/

1. Cultivate love for art. Younger children (from 5 to 10) should be taken to theatres to watch puppet plays. It is an excellent way for developing imagination and love for art in general. Another category of children (from 11 to 15) should visit Broadway shows. An ocean of unforgettable impressions is guaranteed. You will not force your kid to sing. He/She will do that by themselves once they have watched the musical “Hamilton”. Those catchy tunes and lyrics are so hard to get out of head. If you want to visit Hamilton musical in Chicago, book the tickets here.

2. Teach by playing. It is impossible to force a child at the age of 4-5 to
swot something. It is extremely bored for them. There is an amazing method for learning a piano keyboard. You need fruits, vegetables (it can be anything that is interesting for kids) and safe wires that will put
into carrots, apples, zucchini, potato etc. They will represent the keys
on the keyboard. Your child pushes on a carrot while you need to push on a specific key. It develops an audible and visual perception as the child memorizes the sound and the key which produces it.

3. Let kids work with professionals. You adore music but find it difficult to teach your off-spring. You are not a bad teacher. The thing is that your child will not perceive you as a teacher. A good music school is a right decision. Ask for a trial lesson before getting your child enrolled. Weigh all pros and cons as far as teaching methods are concerned. As a rule, modern music schools teach their pupils in a creative way. It means
that you will not make a kid go there. One more point you need to pay attention to is group learning or individual one. It depends on a psychological type your child belongs to. Is it an introverted kid (he/she prefers to play and spend time alone)? Or is in an extraverted kid (such kids have lots of friends, they are in a constant need of attention from other people)? The first type should have private lesson and the second
one should be enrolled in group learning. Try to put into practice the above-stated tips and the desirable result will not keep you waiting. Remember: in doing we learn. Your child is getting cleverer if you put efforts to it.

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