Congratulations on your decision to host your first webinar or teleseminar. This is a great way to increase your online presence; connect with clients and prospective clients; and create material for blogs, articles and give-aways.

Here are three tips that will ensure your virtual event is successful and runs smoothly.

Write out a plan that includes an introduction, your presentation, your sales pitch and an ending. Your introduction, should clarify how and when you will accept questions from your audience.
Practice makes perfect. Do at least do one ‘dry run’ of your presentation. Explore the question or chat functions of the event software.
Get help. Running a virtual event can be overwhelming for many. Concentrate on your presentation and hire someone to do the following:

Introduce you to the audience
Instruct the audience how to ask questions and interact
Handle any issues: dropped calls, audio issues, visual issues, etc
Ask questions, if no one in the audience does; the individual can also act as an interviewer or identify whose question is next

Virtual events can be a fun and practical way to give your clients and prospective clients helpful information about your products, services and industry. Following these three tips will go a long way to ensuring your webinar or teleseminar is successful.

Author's Bio: 

Candy Sugarman earned her degree in Psychology from U.C.L.A. and worked in a variety of industries utilizing a wide-range of skills, for the last two decades. She began her virtual assistant practice in 2007 by offer real estate agents administrative support and internet marketing. Intrigued by the increase in popularity in Social Media, Candy earned her Certification in Social Media marketing from VA Classroom. With a love of learning, she quickly sought out and obtained her certification in Social Network Design, Online Video skills and as well as Virtual Event Specialist Certification.

With a deep desire to help entrepreneurs and small business owners understand and master online marketing, she created PlayBig Online Marketing. Due to the fast-paced changes in the online marketing world, she is able to use her ability to adapt and learn quickly to offer the very latest and best to her clients. Never content with the status quo, she is always searching and learning ways to improve processes, systems, and create automation whenever possible to deliver to her clients the very best in an efficient and successful manner.