Writing content as a blogger calls for certain 'parameters' to be upheld in order for your efforts to be the most effective! In fact as you begin to build your blog following it is best to recognize your readers interest and needs and to keep these in mind when you write content to post!

Here are 3 'habits' it is wise to adopt once you start blogging to develop and maintain reader loyalty!

Topic Relevancy

Once you choose a topic around which to build your blog be sure that you maintain some type of relevance to it when you actually start blogging! It is too easy to drift 'off point' when looking for new ideas to write about so be mindful of what your topic is and why people have chosen to visit your platform! Offering useful information on any subject other than the originally intended topic will only confuse your readers and eventually drive them away!

Useful Information

And speaking of useful information as we touched upon above, when you do write content you can post always try to offer something of value to readers! Now you may not be able to teach or present to people something new with each post but if it offers humor, a new perspective or anything thought provoking or entertaining, you're good! The point here is you want to give readers something worth their while to view when they return!

Posting Consistency

In order to build your blog following it is important to maintain a consistent schedule so visitors know what to expect and when to expect it! This doesn't necessarily mean you need to post 'ultra' frequently to your site but rather simply adopt a schedule that is manageable for you and predictable for visitors! If you choose to update your site on an infrequent yet consistent basis, provided what you post is of good quality, your readers will be sure to return!

When writing content once you start blogging, you must be mindful to keep your focus on the interests and needs of your readers! They've arrived at your site due to their interest in the topic you have chosen to write about and it is now up to you to earn their loyalty! The 3 habits you must develop when you write content for posting on your blog are discussed above and serve to make your efforts more effective! In the end people are looking for interesting and/or otherwise useful information that stays focused and is delivered in a predictable or otherwise reliable manner! In doing so this will enable you to build your blog following in a consistent and hopefully, rapid manner!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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