Prolific author? Seriously? How on earth can someone who experiences writer’s block, who is distracted, and someone who face different challenges every day (like you) be productive?

Have you ever seen a prolific author's bibliography and be curious how they produce tons of books? Asking yourself where did they get the incredible amount of time that they spend in writing?

Or do they have a machine on their hands to keep them typing on their keyboards? Or how about a secret place that inspires them to transform their ideas into pages with no distractions? To be honest with you, the answer is too simple that you tend to overlook it.

Every writer has dreamt of being productive. Every one of us wants to be a writer who produces ample load of quality work, drawing old and new readers and fulfilling that creative side in us. But, for those who are struggling in putting their ideas into pages day-by-day, this aspiration to become one seems to be impossible to reach.

In reality, all we have to do is practice some habits that prolific writers keep on doing. If you have that dream of being a high-quality and famous writer someday, here are some qualities that you should practice to get your career moving closer to that goal.

1. Don't get precious.

Prolific writers are aware that their time in writing is something that they should never put into waste. They also know that they should never get precious about the place and the time to do it. Yes, some writers need focus and concentration to draw an idea from their minds. And downtime is something that writers need to breathe and grasp for new concepts.

But, productive ones write their draft while waiting in the post office, bank, or coffee shops. They do not waste ten minutes of their time just to procrastinate. Because their mindset is this: instead of being idle, why not turn the time into productive moments?

2. Do editing after writing.

Here's the question, do you contemplate on the meaning and the thought of the sentence after writing one? Do you spend time in looking and thinking about the perfect word match every minute? If your answer is yes, then it's time to change your strategy.

Writers who consistently put an enormous amount of time in editing after every sentence knowing that there is always time for proofreading later and that a lousy first draft is acceptable are those who do not understand and value their writing time.

For Pete's sake, a first draft is not the first draft for no reason. Prolific article writers especially those who works in article writing companies (e.g., Creative Working Playground.) know that they should write and pour out everything in their first draft and come back to edit their work later.

3. Ride your personal peak.

As a writer, you surely know the best times to work. Not to the extent that you only write in that particular time of the day. That's already procrastination, and as much as possible, you need to avoid it. What this tip means is to take advantage of your peak hours where you can get that momentum going.


Being a writer for a company that offers article writing services or copywriting services is not an easy job. You have to perfect every content that you produce.

An excellent article means a grammatically-correct one, an original and unique one, one that is plagiarism-free and most importantly, something that is of high-quality and would give something of value to the readers.

Author's Bio: 

Patrick Panuncillon is an entrepreneur and the CEO of Creative Working Playground by profession. It is a company that aids clients all over the globe in raising brand awareness through blogger outreach tools and techniques.