Three tips to dating with confidence even with herpes even the even that your herpes part is always the like shocker right because we take with our diagnosed with herpes like we're never going to date again no one's ever going to love this no one's ever going to have se* with us again I mean I even thought like I couldn't even go to yoga anymore.

And get adjusted like no one's going to want to touch me we put so much pressure on ourselves dating in general take out the herpes part but just people with herpes dating In general, to find that person might find out that one finds the person that respects us loves us whether it's we're trying to please our family or wheth r we're trying to please society keep up with the Joneses whatever it is there's a lot of pressure when it comes to dating.

Now, throw in the herpes part right like your pilot we're just like when we're diagnosed for like what do I got a date with herpes how does that even how is that even possible how can I be confident when dating with herpes alright here are three tips I want you to follow when you're dating definitely.

So number one, know your self-worth, and so what that means is know that you're equal, know that you're equivalent, know that you are proud. You deserve all the love and respect from anybody you're dating, so you are an equal person in this dating relationship. I am guilty of this. I see this all the time in our community and our secret society when people are talking about dating. We're just recently been diagnosed a lot of times.

I'm not worthy of your love and admiration because I have herpes. I stayed in a relationship for two years before I felt confident enough to go out. Date, so I get that, but know your self-worth it's really important to know what what you're worth like you are worth all the love and desire that you have secondly you need to know what you want out of dating now we all think when you think of general dating, you know what that means is like okay you're dating.

So many different reasons for dating, and you need to figure out why you want to date it to go out and like get back on that horse and go out and be taken out to dinner. Are you trying to piss off an ex? Are you trying to make someone jealous? Are you just going to have fun and get out of the house? Are you dating to find out that person you want to marry? Is this just a person to have sex with like what is your reason to go out and date? And there's no wrong answer here, but that's something that gives you confidence, right.

If you're thinking like well, I'm just going out because I want to go to the movies with a friend. I feel like I should be going out with the person that it is going to be, you know the person for the rest of my life that's a different mindset, right those can be two different people, so I don't like to be guilty or feel like you're doing the wrong thing or dating the wrong person there are people in your life for certain times in certain spaces. It's important just to know why you're going out with this person.

Thirdly this is the hardest one to accept this is the hardest one to get over because well, I'll tell you why it accepts the rejection it's going to happen you are going to get rejected, and you know what that's it's a part of life it's a part of herpes dating sites ,it's a part of every single phase of our life, so rejection is going to happen with or without a herpes diagnosis period the end not everybody's going to like you not everybody's going to think you are like it thing and that's right it's okay not to be everybody's idea of the person.

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3 Tips on How to Date with Confidence and Herpes