Recently, a member of my community wrote in to say that she had her Social Media “up and ongoing” and wanted to know how to capture more leads.

Social media marketing has been widely popular because it is easily accessible to anyone with internet access. When social media is used in the right way, it can increase engagement, foster brand awareness, and bring in leads.

If you find that your Social Media Marketing is not generating enough leads or the wrong leads, you may need to look at where your system is breaking down. You may need to diversify your strategies and adjust your approach when using social media.

1. Diversify and Integrate Your Marketing Strategies.

One of the key mistakes many business owners make is that they only use Social Media Marketing to market their business. After investing hours on social media, they wonder why they are not getting more leads.

Social media marketing is one of many ways to market your business. Referral Marketing, Article Marketing, and Direct Mail Marketing are some of the other strategies that can be used in combination with social media.

If you want leads waiting for you in your inbox when you check your email every morning, then you want a Lead Generation System. A Lead Generation System is a system to attract leads from the internet and can be integrated into your social media and website.

2. Adjust Your Approach on Social Media.

Social media marketing can be an important tool to get leads as long as:

• You’re selecting the right social media platform to reach your ideal clients.
• You’re engaging your audience.

The name of the game on social media is engagement. If you’re treating social media the same way you’re treating a direct conversion; that is, people who have responded to an advertisements and have shown a clear interest in your products or services, then you may want to adjust your approach.

Social Media Expert, Laura Rubinstein, Creator of the Social Media Blast Off System as well as Co-Founding CEO of Social Buzz Club said, "Building relationships is the key to building your business. Most successful business owners do this really well offline but forget to do this online. You must meaningfully connect with your market, individuals and influencers to see your social media efforts pay off." I couldn’t agree more with Laura.

As you implement your social media strategy, make your interactions count. Here are three tips to get started:

1. Ask your Community Questions. Create content that encourages others to comment. This approach is especially effective on Facebook.

2. Become the Discussion Starter. Start a group on Facebook or LinkedIn, invite others, and post a topic for discussion for your community to engage in.

3. Nurture the Know-Like-and-Trust Factors. Post articles that would appeal to your ideal clients, things that interest you to create that common- interest bond, and share other people’s content. If you want more shares, likes and engagement, it’s important for you to also do the same with others.

When you have a robust Marketing Mix and an integrated a Lead Generation System complete with Social Media, you not only create a valued experience for your prospects, but you’ll create a pipeline of pre-qualified prospects wanting to do business with you.

Author's Bio: 

Lisa Mininni is the best-selling author of Me, Myself, and Why? The Secrets to Navigating Change and President of Excellerate Associates, home of the sought-after Entrepreneurial Edge System, which shows business owners how to automatically bring in pre-qualified prospects and turn them into invested clients 98% of the time. For her brand new eBook, Get More Clients Now! 3 Steps to More Clients, More Money, and A Business You Love, visit