Everyone faces a hard time in most of the days of life, some days even a small thing may appear as a big problem. We cannot run out of problems, but always there is a solution called facing the problems positively. We cannot predict the exact day when we face the problem; instead we can be supercharged and positive throughout our life so it gives courage in our daily life in order to counter the issues.

I have shared 3 tips to be supercharged throughout a day to face problems.

Have a wake up smile:
We will sleep with hell lot of problems, but don’t wake up with negative thoughts. It not only has powers to darken the day, even it is more powerful in hiding the brighter path of our life. So whenever you wake go before a mirror and say to yourself louder and stronger, that “I am ready to face any problems positively”. It not only makes your day positive also sows the positive seeds of courage to our mind.

Meditate for 5 minutes to relieve your stress. It is not only a stress reliever also acts as a catalyst in increasing your will power. Many successful people have experienced the best results out of it, they also act as a bridge in increasing the level of self control.

If you don’t believe in joining a meditation course practice it for 15 days and feel the difference to explore the positive effects of meditation. The simple way to meditate as a newbie is to sit erect in a meditating position before breakfast and concentrate on breathing, the complete focus should be on the way you breathe. The breathe should be deep and try to reduce the number of times you breathe normally in a minute, so oxygen gets deep into the muscles to make you relaxed and reduce the sudden effect of nervousness

Positive thinking:
Positive thinking is the best medicine to recover from drained energy to supercharged energy. The power of positive thinking increases the speed of blood flow and make us energized throughout the day.

Tips to get positive energy:
• Reading best books, before that finding best books is a difficult thing. Get into forums, blogs and communities to find the best books that change the path of your life. From my experience I would suggest the books like Think and grow rich and The secret as the best personal development books to deviate my life towards positives.

• Find motivational and inspirational blogs for regular recharge

• Everyday try to motivate yourself with some inspiring proverb to increase the positive attitude towards your goals.
• Always try to love yourself it is a best medicine to recover from frustration.

• Whenever you need to take a decision, toss a coin with two different options and when the coin is in air whatever your mind says or whatever your mind expects follow it and don’t expect to watch whether it is heads or tails. It is because whatever your mind needs it should be followed don’t take decisions on others concern it would stop you in the race, better ask your mind and follow so it gives positive inspirations while at the time of burnouts.

Inspiration is like a fuel, it needs to be added everyday to make us recharged throughout. Get inspired so you can stay focused.

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Johngary is a personal development coach and an inspirational blogger, providing daily inspiration through his blog www.attitudedonor.com. For daily motivational quotes and personal growth & development tips visit his blog Attitude Donor