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"Hectic" or "busy" are usually the words associated to people's days for so many years. For a lot, that is a positive thing. It means they are never left idle. There is always something to do. However, as time goes on, being busy can also be bad. There's always a certain type of pressure to it. It seems like you're always running toward a deadline nobody else has set but you. This will definitely create a certain level of stress.

What you need is to find a good time to become un-busy. This is the time when you can be a lot calmer and more relaxed. You allow the day to pass by, and yet you don't really fret because you haven't done anything else.

Here are 3 ways on how to achieve this:

1. Do nothing. Yes, do not do anything. For any workaholic or outgoing person, that is certainly one of the hardest things to do. But then once you get to do this, it can be very liberating. It means there are some things you can let go in pursuit of calmness and pleasure.

Doing nothing simply means not going for the things you normally do. Don't plan your day. Just go with the flow. Allow your own mind to pick the kind of activities you're going to do.

2. Be very still. You can take this literally. Just stop moving. Avoid touching any of your work or proceeding to whatever it is you're doing. Close your eyes and feel the air that goes in and out of your body. Slowly get rid of the clutter that is currently being in your mind. Allow it to go blank and permit it to fill itself with its own thoughts.

While you're at it, you can use different subliminal messages. The subliminal messages can be helpful in a way that they make you aware of the things that are more important. You can tap on these subliminal messages whenever you start to feel the rush, pressure, or stress that goes along with becoming busy.

Some examples of subliminal messages you can utilize are the following:

I am learning the process of becoming un-busy.
I respect the value of time.
I won't allow my hectic schedule to prevent me from seeking pleasure and relaxation.
I know that at some days I just have to let the day pass by.
I enjoy and savor every waking moment of my life.

The subliminal messages, coupled with stillness, will be a good way to recharge yourself and be more mindful of the present.

3. Do one thing you always like. When you go for that one activity or hobby that is truly your passion, you will never really get to feel the stress. In fact, you will feel more inspired and motivated. To know what it is you truly love doing, determine something that you can do not because you need it but because you want it. It's the activity that you believe can help bring out your best personality.

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