It was a common question asked most of the time: what is the best camera for hunting and wildlife photography? However, hunting videography is somehow difficult too.

We put our best cameras through tough conditions and demand the best out of them. All you need to have a camera that effectively deals with fast movements, low light capabilities, and tough design to withstand outdoor conditions.

However, nowadays most of the professional hunters are preferring to go with DSLRs because of plenty of options available in the market. But before finalizing a DSLR you need to note down a number of things you are looking for the best camera for hunting. This guide will surely help you a lot in making a decision and get the right camera that suits your needs.

Let's check out the 3 Tips to choose a DSLR Camera For Hunting:

Number Of Autofocus Points

  • For hunting videography all we need to have a DSLR camera with a great autofocusing system.
  • However, in the case of wildlife photography, there is almost no chance of capturing a sharp image if you are in manual focusing mode. Almost 99.9% of your shooting we will find that autofocusing is playing an effective role.
  • A camera with a high number of autofocus points in its autofocusing system will perform more accurate and fast.
  • Lastly, a higher autofocusing point camera also perform effectively in tracking moving animals more quickly and produce sharp and clear footage successfully.

Low Light Shooting Capabilities

  • In was quite natural that most of the animals usually found to come out at dawn or dusk. They remain inactive in the middle of the day.
  • As the light lower down and animals start coming out, the camera starts losing its performance with low light scenarios.
  • At low lighting conditions, you need to increase the ISO level of your camera to make the sensor more sensitive to light and brighten your exposure. However, this brings a lot of additional noise in your footage, in some cases, noise can be removed in post-production.
  • Lastly, you need to choose a DSLR with high ISO capabilities for your hunting videography needs.

Shooting Speeds Or Frame Rates

  • A faster shooting speed camera is always appreciated in hunting videography.
  • However, if your DLSR is slow in shooting at around 3 frames per second then you are most likely to miss the best, clear shot that happens in between every fraction of seconds. So shooting at burst mode is mostly recommended in hunting photography.
  • Modern top rated DLSRs shoot at a minimum of 16 frames per second and can even go beyond that.


Hope after reading this guide you have gathered the things you must consider or aware of before choosing a DSLR camera for hunting. However do include your local climatic conditions, the humidity, and other factors and choose the best-rugged DSLR for your hunting.

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