We have all done this at one point or another. The flash of genius. The rush of enthusiasm. The big burst of energy. Then along the way, your interest beings to wane. Life gets in the way. Progress slows to a crawl or stops entirely. The idea that was going to change the world is now heaped into a pile of other things that were going to change the world. And you totally plan to get back to that one day real soon...

You might be thinking to yourself, why does this happen? Well, I know why it is happening and it does not have to keep happening. You have the power within your soul to change yourself and change the world. In fact, you already know that as soon as you figure out how to get out of your own way, you are going to change the world. Nothing will be able to stop you as soon as you stop stopping you. So, how do you get out of your own way?


Yes, I know, that is much easier said than done. Let me be more specific. Here are 3 tips to help you finish what you enthusiastically start:

1. Stay Focused

If you are going to finish what you enthusiastically started, you must stay focused. Remind yourself of the meaning in what you are doing. Why does it matter? Yes, I know how much you already have on your plate. I know about all the things, people, and projects pulling you into different directions. It is understandable that you have trouble knowing whether you are coming or going some days. Life is all about choices. How do you make decisions about where you spend your time? Being focused means identifying your priorities and being more organized. How will you clear out the clutter in your mind and your life to create the mental space needed to focus?

2. Hold Yourself Personally Accountable

Do what you say you are going to do. It is that simple. Do what you say you are going to do AND stop committing to do things you are not going to do. Being accountable is about living with the integrity and responsibility to see things through to the end. A good reason for not getting something done is nothing more than an excuse. Live up to your word. Give yourself a deadline. Figure out what works for you to make sure you are doing the things you said you would do. Things may take longer than you expected. It may be more difficult that you anticipated. At the end of the day, where there is a will, there is a way. Commit that you will make it happen no matter what.

3. Check Your Mood Regularly

Sometimes the issue with finishing what you start is not your focus or your accountability. Sometimes it is all about how you are feeling. Yes, I know you are a rational, objective, responsible person - and even you have mood swings. Your emotions impact your productivity in ways you may not be aware of. Sometimes you need to get results to feel a certain way. Other times you need to feel a certain way BEFORE you can get results. Respect your emotions. Check in with yourself. We are all human so do not waste time trying to overcome your emotions with a rational argument. Giving yourself the space to deal with your true emotions for what they are is often exactly what you need to recharge your enthusiasm and finish what you start.

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Adrienne, the Soul Power Coach™ is the founder of http://www.mysoulpower.net and the creator of the Live with Soul Power System™, the most practical habit-building system available to get the personal accountability, focus, balance, and peace of mind you need to be more accomplished, creative, and successful for the rest of your life.

Using the principles of living with Soul Power, Adrienne shows creative thinkers from artists to engineers how to stop struggling with procrastination, fear, and indecision. Many of them come to her seeking a more meaningful career. Her clients learn to embrace their unique purpose and start taking action on the big ideas they have about being of service to the world.

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