Organizing an event in Atlanta, GA? You probably want to make sure you end up selling enough tickets. A sound promotion strategy can create early interest and help maintain steady sales until the last of the tickets are sold out.

Around 40% or salespeople (including those selling tickets) claim that searching for new prospects is the hardest part of their job. However, modern event ticket sales strategies can considerably increase ticket sales in easy ways.

Set the Right Price
It is important to make sure that the ticket price is realistic. If it is too high, most people would not want to pay for it, and if it is too low, you may not be able to cover the cost incurred.

Start off by determining a minimum price at which you would not lose any money. This is typically done by dividing the total cost of the event with the expected number of attendees. This would give you the breakeven price. The actual ticket price will depend on the amount of profit you are aiming for.

Moreover, keep your competitors in mind while deciding the ticket price. Find out the pricing of similar events. Evaluate whether you already have a reputation in the market or are a newcomer against established businesses. If your event has a special feature such as a celebrity appearance, then you may have the leverage to set a higher price.

Keep Differentiating Your Offers
Regularly change your offers to keep them fresh and interactive. You can opt for ‘mini-event’ strategies to maintain consumer interest. Here are some options you can explore:

Early access events: You can offer discounted tickets for people who subscribe to your newsletter.
Early bird discount: People can avail a discount if they buy the tickets within a specific time frame window, usually in the initial days.
Lock in tickets: You can sell some tickets in advance at a slashed price.

Make a list of offer-based events and keep launching them at their scheduled intervals to increase ticket sales. Offers attract new customers and keep reminding them of your event. You can complement these offers with other news and announcements. For instance, if you are selling tickets to a theatre play in Atlanta, GA, you can reveal the artist lineup as you release a sale offer.

Door Sales
The world has admittedly become largely digitized. However, door selling can still play an important part in boosting your ticket sales.

Think about how you can enable potential customers to walk up and purchase tickets on the day of the event. Make sure your tickets have a bar code. Establish a point-of-sales at the venue and train your staff to scan it using a smartphone camera. As soon as people purchase a ticket, your staff should be able to swiftly get them through the process.

You can create a sense of urgency on the event day and increase ticket sales by offering discounted rates for people who enter before a certain time. If you wish to get creative tickets printed in Atlanta, GA, click here to explore our website or call Same Day Printing today by dialing 800-411-3106.

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