Before you even start blogging it is important to understand you'll need to stay motivated if you intend to experience even the slightest success! It is relatively easy to become a blogger since all that takes is to publish just one post however building a successful blog also requires traffic! Taking that just one step further the people that land on your platform will need to be convinced that what you offer is worth them returning! This will take time and a lot of writing on your part to make this happen! Of course there are 'ways' you can make this journey easier for you which will also help you to stay motivated as well!

Here are simple 3 tips you can use once you've become a blogger that will help you stay motivated while making your writing efforts easier and more effective!

Focus On What You Know

The technical aspects associated with blogging are minimal so there's no reason to make the simple more difficult! Your focus needs to be on what you do know and or are willing to learn as you go! Just write about something you're already familiar with or have a growing interest in! Making changes that involve coding or other technical aspects with which you're not familiar is needless and will only add stress to what you're doing! Find somebody who is more familiar with these things, if necessary, to help you and allow yourself to focus primarily on creating something your readers will appreciate! The interest or knowledge you have will help you to stay motivated while also increasing the quality of your posts!

Get Help From Those You Help

Once you do become a blogger you will quickly learn the importance of allowing comments and the 'hidden' value of what people say! Use your readers and their comments to develop new ideas to write about or even to make changes to your site! It makes little sense to try and 'demystify' what it is people want you to write about when they will actually tell you themselves! Your readers are a goldmine of information and their comments and opinions are what you need to build a successful blog! Remember you are blogging for the enjoyment of those who read your posts therefore listen carefully to what they offer!

Embrace the Process

Building a successful blog is a process that involves increasing your exposure online and winning over your readers so that they return time and again! These are things that do NOT occur overnight so shelve those expectations otherwise you'll become frustrated and learn to hate what you're doing! When this happens it's only a matter of time before you give it up! Learn to enjoy helping others while also increasing your own knowledge about something you already have an interest in!

To start blogging is always easy, it is building a successful blog that is the challenge and if you can't stay motivated you will NOT succeed! To become a blogger with a large and loyal following you will need to do a lot of writing even if it appears that readers may sometimes ignore what you post! The point is this, blogging can really test your patience which can make it harder for you to stay motivated! The 3 tips suggested above serve to make this 'process' easier and more effective for you thus helping you to maintain the motivation you'll need to build the successful blog you want!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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