Are you trying to lose weight? Are you struggling to lose weight? While gaining weight is very easy, losing it can be very tough and something that many people struggle with all their lives. More than anything, its the foods that we eat every day that affect our weight more than anything else. Many people seem to try "everything" but still they can's drop those stubborn pounds. The problem is probably not some mysterious medical condition but those habits that you don't even pay attention to.

While there are no foods that can make you lose weight, there are certainly foods that prevent you from losing it. There are foods that actually cancel out all your hard work. Lets quickly look at three of the most common ones and what you can do to help.

1. Red Meat

Most people eat far too much red meat. Not only is it very high in fat but its extremely high in calories. While eating lean meat in moderation is not that bad, its the habit of eating large portions every day that can really effect your weight severely. Try eating more lean meat like chicken because it has a lot less fat and digests much better than red meat. You may even want to look into a vegetarian diet as it can do wonders for your weight loss efforts. Substituting some of your red meat intake with fish can also help a lot.

2. White foods

What has commonly become knows as "white foods" are foods like white bread, white pasta and all sorts of bakes goods made from white flower. These are all "empty" calories because these foods have no nutritional value. Its so refined that all the goodness is stripped out of it and all you are doing is consuming an immense amount of calories in the process. No diet plan can work against all these empty calories and no amount of exercise can burn all that off.

3. Sweets

Sugar is probably the number one drug in the world and many people are addicted to it without fully understanding their addiction. Excess sugar can be very bad for your health and when you look at the amounts of sugar in virtually all our foods then its no wonder diabetes is becoming such a big problem. Try and cut out as much sugar as possible and avoid sugary drinks, biscuits and other sweets that are nothing but sugar bombs designed to feed your addiction. Sugar has an acidic effect on your body which hinder weight loss.

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