Why is it that online success for anybody trying to build a money making business can be so elusive? The financial barriers of entry for any aspiring internet entrepreneur are low enough to not be a factor but many still fail to become successful nonetheless! In many cases it seems that the obstacles people face are actually internal in nature! Let's have a look at 3 barriers that an internet entrepreneur typically encounters when going online to build a money making business!


For many the fear of failure keeps them from succeeding since their rationale is that if they don't try they won't fail! As 'off base' as this thinking may be it does help a person 'justify' their own reluctance to take on new challenges! Make no mistake as an internet entrepreneur you will be facing many new challenges, but none of them will be insurmountable! Challenges are only 'challenging' until you meet them head on and master them!

Lack of Skills

It is always important to realize that skills can be developed and/or acquired therefore this should NOT be a major obstacle! Far too many feel they can not become successful unless they already possess the necessary skills to do so! This could not be further from the truth since every internet entrepreneur who has met with success has had to learn new skills along the way. Learning is a way of life whether it is mastering a new language, skill or even riding a bike! Most everything we know today came from learning and working online is no different!


This 'condition' is obviously due to a lack of motivation and is also, I believe, at the root of why so many fail at building themselves a money making business online! Now working on the internet is not for everybody however those who have tried and not become successful should not attribute this to anything other than they just gave up! Achieving success as an internet entrepreneur is a realistic goal however it does require effort, time and patience all of which only you can supply if you're so willing!

Although achieving online success with your own money making business is a realistic goal many still fall short! As previously mentioned the financial barriers are not necessarily a factor however the typical aspiring internet entrepreneur still has internal 'issues' they must address! In many cases these issues do in fact become barriers, such as the 3 addressed here today, and are primarily due to a lack of experience! It is important to note however that in every case it is actually how the individual reacts to these 'challenges' as noted above as to whether they will indeed become successful! It simply comes down to whether you really want 'it' or not?

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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