In any field of service, professionalism and personality matter. This applies to lawyers too. Not necessary that an attorney who appears great on paper is a great person too. Trust, comfort level, and knowledge are three vital things to look for in a bankruptcy lawyer in Northern Virginia.

Only then think about the fee.

Apart from the three vital qualities mentioned above, look out for the following things in a lawyer.

A good lawyer will talk about alternate resolutions

A genuine lawyer will present before you options in bankruptcy.

If a client has enough income or enough assets, the lawyer may simply ask them to pay their bills.

For some, Chapter 7, which leads to complete discharge of eligible debts, may be the best option.

Chapter 13 involves charting out a debt management. Many people may benefit with this, especially if they have huge pending credit card bills. The chapter allows you to reorganize your financial life so that you are able to pay your debts through a court-supervised plan.

There is also Chapter 11, designed for corporates. You can keep your business alive while you pay your debts through a revised plan. You get a particular amount of time to repay your debts. Creditors won’t harass you.

A good lawyer will sit with you, assess your case, and then give you advice on what option is best for you.

A good lawyer is passionate about their work

Would you let a laidback, uninterested surgeon perform a heart surgery on you? Bankruptcy is “surgery” of the finances. You cannot let a careless lawyer, who doesn’t know what they are doing in law field, handle your case.

When you schedule an initial consultation, which usually is free through a reputable bankruptcy law firm, you can sense the vibes of the lawyer.

As you talk with the lawyer, ask them why they chose bankruptcy as their field of specialization. A lawyer who loves his or her job will give you a striking answer. Just be a little more observant when they answer your question and you can catch their passion or dispassion. This one question will let you know whether you should carry forward with this lawyer or just get out of there.

A good lawyer is a good listener and empathetic towards clients

It is good to be professional on the job and not show too many emotions; but, hey, we are dealing with humans, right? We cannot be like stones. There is a difference between being emotional and being empathetic. Somebody who cannot understand your dilemma is not worth working with.

Moreover, going bankrupt involves emotions. If the lawyer sitting in front of you does not care what led you to become bankrupt, you can simply excuse yourselves.

A good bankruptcy lawyer in Northern Virginia will lend an ear to your woes and want to know what really happened that led you to this financial situation. He or she will serve as a friend who is concerned about your financial health and is eager to pull you out of the money mess. Doesn’t it sound nice to have such a person with you when you are going through a tough phase in your life?

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