3 unique tips to lose your body fat faster

1) Regular daily exercise
Regular daily exercise help to raise your metabolic rate, burn off calories, shape your muscle tissue which is very important to tone your tights, bottom and tummy.

2) Drink plenty of water
Water is essential for keeping your levels of hydration up. You should drink water during your exercise to ensure that you don’t dehydrate. You need plenty of body water to drive the fat burning process.

3) Set your short-term and long-term goals
Figure out what kind of a body you want to achieve. Imagine your perfect body and make it your target. Set a high standard so that you are motivating
Example of short-term goal and long-term goals:
Daily goals
Weekly goals
1 month goal
3 month goal
12 months goals
Your ultimate long-term goal that you want to achieve – the ideal body.

To lose weight faster and effectively, you need to know the worse foods you should never eat, and the best food you should eat all the time.

There are 10 pitfalls you need to know.

1) Eating less will loss weight?
After starving, body starts to conserve energy and metabolism drops.
2) Exercise can instantly burn extra calories after overeating?
Doing vigorous exercise after overeating is only self-consolation. Diet plays major part (70%) in weight management.
3) Loss in weight = loss in fat?
Bodyweight = Bones + water + Muscles +Fat
Do not be happy if you lose water and muscles. Encourage Fat Loss and increase muscle mass.
4) Drinking yogurt and fruit juice can lose weight?
What you will get next is overeat, bounce back, lack of fiber and vitamins. You should control total calories input, not type of food.
5) High protein, fat free meal replacement?
Too high protein will burden kidney, possible risk of cancer, losing calcium. Regain in weight.
6) Drastic loss in weight in short period of time means effective?
Weight loss in short period of time will be regained easily harmful to body. The safest speed will be not more then 1kg/week.
7) Anorexia and laxative can solve overeating problem?
Anorexia can cause constipation, diet disorder. Long term on laxative can cause digestive system disorder, malnutrition, dehydration.
8) Keep trying and changing all sorts of weight loss methods?
Root of the problem is always diet and exercise. Any program must at least try for 2 to 3 months.
9) Loss weight is a shameful thing?
Negativity is the barrier to succeed. You should announce your desire and determination to reduce weight so that everybody can support you.
10) Do not have clear goals and plan in weight management?
If you want to succeed in weight management program, you need to have a goal and plan, as well as the execution of the plan.

Hope this article provides you with some good ideas about fat loss for woman.

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