Lets face it, most diets are a nightmare. Having to starve yourself, going through the pain of changing ingrained eating habits and enduring the torment of seeing everyone around you still enjoying delicious food can be the end of even the strongest will. With dozens of new diets hitting the news every year its no wonder that we are becoming a little bit jaded.

In theory any diet can work. The problem is not so much in the "plan" but rather in the execution of that plan. Think about it. If you really stick to a diet the way its recommended, will you lose weight?

Let me offer you some diet tips that is perhaps a little bit unusual, but nevertheless its very powerful. Keep in mind that it's not the actual diet, but the dieter that makes it work.

1. Find your reason 'why'

Why do you want to lose weight? Having a reason or a purpose has great motivational value. Having a deep emotional purpose to lose weight can give you the drive necessary to move past short-term failures.

2. Create a goal

It's simple; if you don't know where you are going how will you ever get there? Goals work simply because it gives you direction and it gives you something to work towards. If you know exactly what you want to achieve, you will double your chances of being successful. The more specific you are the better. You have to pint a clear picture in your mind of exactly what you want to create.

3. Commit to a specific result

Having a goal is one thing. Making it real is quite another. This is why you have to commit to it with all your heart. Make a promise to yourself and vows to never break it. It's been said that when you commit yourself fully, then providence moves. Once you commit yourself, you cut off the possibility of failure.

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Article by John C. Burrow - Please visit John's website for more infromation and advice.