Water plays a great role in the overall health of human beings. All the major systems of the body depend on water to properly perform their respective functions. Therefore, saying that water is life is not an over-statement.

If water is so important in the body, then it becomes imperative to protect the water we consume on a daily basis. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), over 3 million people die of water-related diseases, putting it at a pole position as the leading cause of diseases and deaths around the world.

In order to prevent the spread of these waterborne illnesses, access to clean potable water must be provided. Every individual and household must also strive to maintain water hygiene especially that which they consume.

Below are 3 water protection techniques that help you achieve optimum health.

Maintain personal hygiene

According to the United Nations, the benefits of having access to an improved drinking water source can only be fully realized when there is also access to improved sanitation and adherence to good hygiene practices.

Personal hygiene is key to maintaining good health especially with respect to its role in keeping water safe. Also, the home must be kept clean at all times because a clean atmosphere reduces the chances of water contamination.

Waste items must be properly disposed and left-over foods must be handled in such a way to prevent germs from growing. More importantly, all expired foods must be thrown away immediately to leave no chance for water contamination.

Use a water filter

Contaminants in water are mostly not visible to the eyes yet they exist. Chemicals such as Chlorine that are used to keep water bacteria-free are potential contaminants and pose a great health risk.

Corrosive pipes, lead, hair sediments, rock, Chloramine, and hydrogen sulfide are among other forms of contaminants that should be removed from the water we consume. To do that effectively, you need a whole house water filtration system that ensures every faucet in the entire home supplies safe pure water. The cost of installing a water filtration system might be high but come to think of it, the benefits of doing so outweigh the cost.

Limit the use of chemicals

Reducing the number of chemicals you use diminishes your chance of getting your water contaminated. Every chemical substance that goes down the sink might find its way back into the pipes through available cracks and openings. Every failed plumbing also increases the chances of water being exposed to these intoxicants.

Therefore, you must reduce your usage of chemicals within domestic reach and also limit the rate at which you pour chemicals down the drain.

The same goes for wasted foods which end up in landfills. With so much food being dumped into landfills, the environment keeps getting exposed to groundwater pollution. And when it rains, the groundwater aids the development of toxic chemicals such as ammonia which could easily find its way into drinking water.


There are many more water protection techniques for individual and industrial use but the above listed are basic and easy to achieve. While personal hygiene and the use of water filter helps an entire household, proper disposal of waste and chemicals helps to keep the environment safe.

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