As per West Ridge Academy, most parents would happily recall the day when their first child were brought into this world and how it changed their world forever. Children are often being credited to inspire life-altering changes and improvements on their parents. Becoming a parent is no laughing matter however, hence it's only normal that we usually see former carefree people turn into responsible individuals once they become a parent; in their effort to live up to the responsibilities that are suddenly thrust upon them.

From the moment that they are brought into this world as infants; then becoming toddlers until early childhood, children are very dependent upon their parents in terms of love, care, nourishment, and guidance. Assuming that they are raised in a normal loving household, children will usually follow their parents' lead when it comes to discipline issues, albeit they may raise some tantrums from time to time.
There will always be kids with head strong personalities even at an early age however, that they will refuse to follow their parents' directions when it comes to disciplining them.

According to West Ridge Academy, these are the times when the parents need to stand their ground and be firm without losing their patience. Provided below are some key points for parents to remember if ever they get caught up in such situations.

1. You must set the boundaries. There are times when children, especially teenagers, will try to prove that they are mature enough to make decisions on their own even if it goes against your wishes. As the parent, you need to stand your ground and be adamant about having your way in this case however because you definitely know better than them because you already went through these situations in the past. Although it's important that children should be able to express themselves, but this privilege should only be given to them when the time is right; only when you are absolutely sure that they already reached that stage when they are ready to step up to the plate and decide for themselves. But until that time comes, your decisions shall be followed for the benefit of everybody.

2. You must be consistent. After setting the boundaries, you must make it a point that they are implemented consistently for all concerned. It is important that your children can see that you are handing out punishments consistently in case they cross the boundaries that you have set, otherwise they will feel confused and won’t be able to distinguish for themselves when they are breaking the rules or not. It's also crucial that the same rules should be applied equally for all the children, if you happen to have more than one child. Frankly speaking, you are the one to blame if ever your child will have a difficulty in following the rules because you have been inconsistent in implementing them in the first place.

3. You must be clear. Similar to the other endeavors that we have in life, communication is critical to our success in almost any field. This is also true with parenting. The boundaries and rules that you have formulated for the benefit of your children will be worth nothing if you fail to communicate them effectively to your kids.

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